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Mobile apps for local government allowing you to interact with Authority in the most efficient way possible.

In our research conducted with UTS: Institute of Public Policy and Governance, Changing Landscape: Digital Transformation – What do local councils need in the digital age? 93% of surveyed local government respondents indicated that mobile compatibility would be useful or extremely useful to their organisation.

In light of this, we developed a series of Apps to complement our Authority Enterprise Suite to create a better experience for our customers; allowing them to interact with Authority in the most efficient way possible.

Authority Actus – Authority Task Management App

Authority Actus allows you to browse, open and download tasks from Civica Authority for completion in the field.

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Authority Comply - Authority Infringements App

Record evidence and issue on-the-spot infringements with ease, using Authority Comply.

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Authority Advance – Authority Asset Management App

Authority Advance allows Council Officers to maintain assets in the field along with relevant documents or attachments. Advance lets you update or create assets on a mobile device, reducing double handling and paper-based processes. Instant syncing means that Civica Authority is up to date whenever an asset is updated.

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