Civica welcomes Budget 2023 investments in digital health technologies

10th May 2023

GovTech provider Civica welcomes Budget 2023 investments in digital health technologies

GovTech provider says the government’s recent budget announcement offers some welcome measures for the Social Housing and Health industries, with potential opportunities for growth in the technology sector.

Ben Cowling

Executive Director APAC,


It’s really encouraging to see $824.5 million being invested digital health initiatives, including the modernisation of My Health Record. In tandem with this, we must step up efforts to use data in a more intelligent way across our health services, generating valuable insights that can inform decision-making, ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes and cost-effective healthcare. By leveraging data-driven approaches, the healthcare system can optimise operations and enhance patient care, making the most of this substantial investment in digital health.

 We also welcome the Budget 2023 focus on Data and Digital Capabilities, recognising the potential for these technologies to drive growth and prosperity. The allocation of $101.2 million over five years to support the development and uptake of such technologies across Australian industries is a positive step towards this goal. It’s crucial to attract and foster the next generation of tech innovators, which is why we are pleased to see investments in the National Skills Agreement, funding for additional TAFE courses within the digital sector, and boosted skilled migration. 

The increase in the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation's liability cap to $2 billion to a total of $7.5 billion is also encouraging, as it will enable more lending to community housing providers for social and affordable housing projects. 

These measures demonstrate the government's commitment to leveraging digital technologies to drive progress in various sectors, which bodes well for the country's future.