Simplifying menu planning and dietary needs with Civica Saffron

12th May 2022

Transform your menus with saffron

In Australia, one in five people live with a food allergy or intolerance,1 which means catering managers need to meet special consumer dietary requirements every day.

Are you accurately tracking and communicating which allergens or restricted ingredients are in which dishes? How do you ensure emergencies are avoided, while offering safe, suitable and delicious choices for every customer?

These are challenges that can turn menu management into a minefield, especially in large scale catering operations in schools and universities.

Fortunately, software tools can help make it simpler for catering teams to implement robust food allergy policies – even in the context of varied community needs, busy kitchens across multiple sites, and budget pressure.

Civica Saffron features a Wellbeing module that tracks, manages and communicates accurate allergen and nutritional info. It helps caterers feel certain that they’re meeting their legal duty to communicate correct allergy information about every dish.

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1 The Ultimate Special Dietary Requirements Catering Guide, eatfirst