Housing Choices Australia Adopts Civica's Cx Housing SaaS Platform

1st December 2023

Housing Choices Australia Adopts Civica's Cx Housing SaaS Platform to Enhance Tenant Engagement and Data Management

The organisation prioritises the need for a customer focused cloud-based housing management system with GovTech provider Civica

To elevate tenant engagement, optimise data management, and bolster its operational efficiency, Housing Choices Australia has chosen to implement Civica's Cx Housing solution. With over 400 customers, Civica's Housing solutions empowers community providers to enhance tenant options, streamline payment and vacancy management, and facilitate property maintenance. This transformation aims to improve the overall quality of social housing for tenants across multiple regions.

Cx Housing presents a unified platform, facilitating a customer-centric approach and enabling community housing providers (CHP’s) to deliver more responsive services while effectively managing costs.

Housing Choices Australia, a prominent Tier 1 provider of social and affordable housing serving over 8,000 individuals in 7,400 properties spanning Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, and Tasmania, is set to embark on this transformative journey in a 5-year partnership with Civica.

Housing Choices Australia’s mission revolves around creating affordable homes throughout Australia and collaborating with partners to foster resilient and inclusive communities.

To identify the most suitable solution for their intricate needs, Housing Choices Australia embarked on a comprehensive business systems review and subsequent procurement process recognising Civica as a platform capable of delivering against their complex business requirements.

Peter Richardson,

CFO, Housing Choices Australia

Our decision to invest in Civica's housing management system aligns with our growth strategy and our commitment to streamlining operations across the five states we operate in. Our primary focus is on delivering superior outcomes for our tenants, staff, and key stakeholders by leveraging technology to offer more choices, drive efficiency and enhance transparency and governance within our organisation.

Neale Walsh,

Director of Housing,

Civica APAC

We are delighted to collaborate with Housing Choices Australia in empowering their residents with greater choice. Our Cx Housing solution will eliminate complexity and manual data handling, ushering in a streamlined approach across the entire organisation. Cx will provide a unified platform for managing Housing Choices Australia's tenancy and asset management operations across all **states.**