Civica and Wagestream improving financial wellbeing

15th November 2023

Civica customers set to benefit from Wagestream’s financial wellbeing platform

  • Through the new partnership, Civica will offer an inclusive financial wellbeing platform to all People & Workforce Management customers
  • Wagestream offers visibility, flexibility and control over pay, all in one app

Customers of global GovTech leader Civica will benefit from improved flexibility and control over pay thanks to a new partnership with Wagestream.

The partnership will enable Civica’s customers to instantly roll out Wagestream’s fair financial toolkit to their staff, to improve financial wellbeing, as well as recruitment, retention and productivity.

The latest State of Financial Wellbeing index found that 73% of workers worry about money at least once a week – significantly more than their employers had predicted. Poor financial wellbeing can lead to lower levels of productivity and absenteeism, with 67% of employees saying money concerns directly affect their ability to concentrate at work.

In response, over 81% of employers have offered new forms of financial support to employees in the past year. Civica’s customers can now make work more rewarding for their employees, by enabling them to manage their budgeting, choose their own pay cycle, chat to a money coach, save money on their bills and more in one single app.

Wagestream’s flexible pay feature means employees can choose when they get paid, avoiding more costly borrowing options. The platform also allows people to put money aside for the future and move towards more financial resilience.

Kirsty Fowler,

Divisional Managing Director,

People & Workforce Management at Civica

With a continued cost-of-living crisis, helping our customers to best support their employees’ financial wellbeing is more vital than ever.

Our new partnership with Wagestream means we can offer an enhanced service for all our payroll customers. This inclusive financial wellbeing platform built around pay will help them offer their employees the flexibility and control to choose how and when they get paid, as well as support with budgeting and saving for the future.




Financial wellbeing continues to be a strategic priority for boardrooms across the UK. By partnering with Civica, hundreds more employers will have access to Wagestream’s financial wellbeing solutions. By delivering greater flexibility, visibility and control to UK workers, through a suite of fair financial benefits, this partnership will go a long way to improving the financial lives of many.

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