Ben Cowling, Executive Director, Asia Pacific and Singapore, Civica

26th October 2022

Civica welcomes Australian Government’s 1 million homes initiative and addresses to skills shortages

Software provider says the government’s recent budget announcement offers some welcome measures for the Social Housing industry and potential opportunities for growth in the technology sector.

Ben Cowling,

Executive Director,

Asia Pacific and Singapore

As one of Australia's largest software providers to federal and state authorities, we’re deeply encouraged to see a much needed focus in the Budget on tackling the IT skills shortage, which is a serious challenge for our sector. Digital technologies are transforming our public services for the better, but to accelerate the pace of change, we must continuously attract and nurture the next generation of tech innovators.
A target of 1 million new homes under a national housing accord also sends a positive and welcome signal about the Australian Federal Government’s commitment to tackling the ongoing housing crisis. Digital technologies have a vital role to play in ensuring Government can meet - or even exceed - this target. A digitally-enabled public sector will ensure services which are more responsive, more accessible and better able to cope with whatever future challenges we may face. We are proud to be helping public services across Australia and around the world on their digital journey.