It’s time to assess your digital health

28th September 2023

Why unlocking data is crucial to delivering smarter care for aged care clients

The aged care industry faces an unprecedented challenge in meeting the growing needs of an ageing population while contending with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and workforce shortages.

Recognising the seriousness of this challenge, the Australian Government’s 2023 Budget has allocated $101.2 million over five years to support the development and adoption of digital health technologies across various industries.

This significant investment presents a unique opportunity for the aged care sector to leverage data and technology to optimise their operations and deliver the best for aged care clients.

The government's focus on ‘Data and Digital Capabilities’ in the budget shows that it clearly understands the profound impact these technologies can have on delivering the best for citizens, as well as driving growth and prosperity.

From working from home to online shopping, data-driven technologies have already transformed virtually every aspect of our lives.

But for the aged care sector, there is still much more that can be achieved. By investing in and embracing digital health technologies, aged care services can revolutionise care delivery, making it more efficient and cost-effective for better client outcomes.

The role of integrated data in overcoming blockages

While COVID-19 and staff shortages have undoubtedly contributed to the complexity of the health and aged care crisis, another less-reported cause lies in the disjointed nature of health and care data. The aged care sector is, of course, not alone in facing this challenge. To address this issue, the government must take the lead in providing integrated solutions that foster better-connected data systems. There are already successful examples of successful B2G integrations, such as the DSS (Department of Social Services) Data Exchange, which has demonstrated the power of two-way information sharing between funding agencies and service providers.

Civica has invested in a real-time approach for providers to ease the burden of reporting manually or bulk file exports. By adopting a similar approach of integrated data, the aged care sector can achieve smarter and more efficient ways of improving service delivery and understanding individual and community outcomes.

Real-time reporting: Every minute counts

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, real-time reporting is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Timely access to accurate data is crucial for making informed decisions that can significantly impact client outcomes.

Aged care providers should embrace real-time reporting solutions that enable them to monitor and respond to critical information in a proactive and agile manner. By doing so, they can address potential issues before they escalate and ensure a higher quality of care for their clients.

Civica's Carelink Suite: Pioneering data-driven aged care solutions

As a global provider of GovTech, Civica helps organisations across a range of sectors make smarter use of their own data to deliver more for the people they serve. In the aged care sector, our Carelink Suite is eliminating the reliance on spreadsheets and paper-based forms and empowering care teams to access essential time and attendance schedules, rosters and client information securely from multiple devices.

This seamless integration of data and technology streamlines workflows, reduces administrative burden and facilitates more personalised care plans to improve overall efficiency and improving life for clients.

As the aged services industry faces an increasingly complex landscape, the government's budget commitment to data and digital capabilities is a beacon of hope. By seizing this opportunity, the sector can transform its operations, enhance client outcomes and deliver cost-effective care.

With integrated data systems and real-time reporting, the industry can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality, making the most of the digital health investment and steering the aged care sector toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

Francis McGahan, Sales Director of Care, Civica APAC

This article was originally published in Aged Care Today, Spring 2023 issue. Click here to see a copy of the issue.