Maze School Management Solution

A comprehensive school management solution for primary and secondary schools

Maze provides a user-friendly, technologically advanced solution to integrating the school processes of financial management, enrolments, enquiries, student management, student behaviour, timetabling, VET and academic reporting.

Maze provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of your school community, including school administrators, school leaders, academic staff and parents.

Maze is a modular school management system, simplifying the implementation process and improving integration within the product. Additional components can be added into the central system, making the vision of a school-wide information solution a reality.

Why choose Maze

  • All back office processes in one integrated system
  • Secure operating environment for each role
  • Comprehensive and feature rich

Features of Maze

  • Dynamic graphical menu interface based on processes
  • Secure operating environment for each ‘role’ in the school
  • Ability to launch other applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and Publisher from the Maze menu
  • Customisable graphics such as school logos and pictures in screens and reports
  • Screens, menus and workflows can be adapted and changed to individual site requirements
  • Flexible report writer enables reports to be customised for individual site requirements
  • Designed to integrate with and support our web-based products, eMaze and iWise
  • The public access functionality makes it possible to mail-merge directly to Microsoft Word then email letters to parents
  • The ability to support SMS messaging to contacts with mobile phone numbers
  • BPay links to banking software, complete GST compliance

Modules for MAZE

Academic, Timetabling & Calendar


The process of planning and designing timetables can be complicated, but the task is made far easier using Maze Timetabling. Schools can schedule subjects, form classes, allocate teachers to each class and personal timetables can be printed for each of your teachers or students in minutes.
Maze Timetabling is fully integrated into the Maze School Management System and is the trusted choice for school timetabling. Maze Timetabling, developed over many years in collaboration with schools, is a powerful, sophisticated software program for constructing, maintaining and publishing your timetable.

  • Produce and maintain the school’s timetable.
  • Enter student subject preferences and selections.
  • Generate and manipulate timetable grids.
  • Manage timetable constraints and conflicts.
  • Schedule classes automatically or manually.
  • Allocate teachers, rooms and equipment to classes.
  • Produce timetables for students, teachers, rooms, and resources.
  • Produce class lists.


Maze Calendar cleverly integrates timetabling for the school or individual with other activities scheduled for a particular day of the year to provide a holistic planner for any school member. The Calendar overlays the Master Timetable allowing the school to modify the allocation of days for each week of the year and provides an easy to use tool for scheduling of exams, rooms and teachers replacements.

  • Displays views for Classes, Teachers, Rooms and Students.
  • Easy integration of existing school timetable structures such as class periods, grids and rooms.
  • Functions with either the 12-hour or 24-hour time setting.
  • Simple to record single or recurring school events.
  • Categorisation of events such as sporting events for easy searching and reporting.
  • Presents a matrix of subjects for exams and schedules and produces exam grids based on existing timetables to avoid clashes.
  • Assign replacement teachers or rooms, sourcing free or substitute teachers and rooms from the school timetable.
  • Ability to drill down from an event or timetabled period to the list of students or teachers involved.
  • Easy access to class lists for teachers and/or relief staff.


Maze academic reports are completely customisable allowing you to capture and report on any criteria required for a given reporting period.
Using the powerful Maze Report Writer, you can tailor report formats and enhance the image of the school significantly through the production of high quality, professional, tailored, on time reports to parents. Integrating Academic Reporting into the whole school management suite makes sense – schools are able to draw on existing school data such as demographics, timetabling attendance and behaviour when designing and writing reports without the need for difficult data exports.

  • Academic, pastoral care elements, co-curricular information and absentee data can be amalgamated into a report for parents and carers.
  • Unlimited report formats and layouts can be created for different year levels or reporting periods.
  • Customisable comment bank can be maintained.
  • Subjects and report criteria can be drawn from timetabling or entered specifically for a reporting period by the school.
  • Accommodates traditional grade and mark reporting as well as outcome continuum reporting.
  • Schools can set their own performance indicators and link these to subjects Key Learning Areas.
  • Teachers or other curriculum support staff may enter data directly into Maze for academic reporting or via the Open Access function.
  • Teachers can use eMaze for entering report data via the web.
  • Maze Report Writer used to create professional, bespoke report formats and layouts.
  • Civica Education Consultancy available to assist schools in the design and implementation of academic reports.

Period Based Attendance

Maze Period Based Attendance has been developed to record student attendance in each period of the timetable cycle.

  • Enables attendance recording by individual student or from timetabled classes.
  • Able to search and record attendance for students in special groups.
  • Schools can maintain a list of attendance codes.
  • Ability to enter expected absences in advance such as excursions, work experience etc.
  • Comments can be entered against any student, whether present or absent.
  • Students are marked ‘Present’ by default.
  • Students with prior absence notifications recorded automatically appear with their expected absence type.
  • Wide variety of reports available for teachers and administrators.
Core Student Administration

Maze efficiently manages all data relating to students and families at all stages from the time of enrolment, through to the student leaving and becoming a member of the Alumni. The Core Module is student centric – designed around the student and their relationships within the school. The Core Administration Module consists of:

  • School Community
  • Families and Students
  • Future Students
  • Past School Members
  • Student Absence and Attendance Processing
  • Awards, Behaviour and Suspensions
  • Staff Details
  • Database Administration
  • Full compliance with all national requirements including MCEETYA and DEEWR.

Students and Families

  • Easy to enter, maintain and search records of student personal and historical details.
  • Full student profiles can be searched for and accessed easily.
  • All students linked to a family on enrolment for accurate searching and links to fees.
  • Ability to flag and search students as expected, part-time, external and archived.
  • Medical and access alert flags easily recorded.
  • Immunisation records easy to enter and analyse.
  • Detailed recording of accidents and sick-bay visits available.
  • Integrated recording of Sport and House details.
  • Full data exchange with curriculum authorities and census reports.
  • Large range of reports available including student ID cards with photographs.

School Community

  • Maintain single or multiple school campus details.
  • View and maintain relationships for individuals and school members.
  • Easy mail merging for students and staff including links to MS word.

Future Students

  • Able to maintain a complete student record including waiting list priorities and order of preference for all new registrations.
  • Links future enrolments to families and siblings.
  • Comprehensively records all aspects of the enrolment process including Interviews, appointments and mail merged correspondence.
  • Links to financial component for registration fees and deposits.

Past Students

  • Maintains a full register of past students, families and staff including history of special interests and school positions held.
  • Enables updates to past student records to keep an up to date alumni database.
  • Academic history for past students maintained.
  • Easy to use mail merge functions for alumni activities.

Student Absence Processing

  • Fast entry of student absences that allows for protracted, daily, half day and period absence recording.
  • Recording absences by roll group or individuals including multiple days.
  • Student absence history maintained.
  • Various reports available including absentee histories.
  • Standard and user-defined absentee letters for unexplained absences produced in a few simple clicks.
  • Period Based Attendance module is available on request with the Academic, Timetabling and Calendar Component.

Awards, Behaviour and Suspensions

  • Comprehensive records maintained for Student awards and certificates.
  • Extensive records kept for student behaviours (positive and negative) and suspensions.
  • Able to set behaviour types and consequences.
  • Inbuilt student referral processes.
  • Comprehensive range of standard reports.

Staff Details

  • View and maintain staff details including relationship and faculty links.
  • Easy to record staff professional development events and records.
  • Wide range of staff reports including faculty and PD reports.
  • Links to financial component for registration fees and deposits.

Database Administration

Maze comes with a suite of tools and utilities that make administration of the database easy.

  • Password program makes adding users simple with tools to facilitate global password and account security policies.
  • Database Manager facilitates management of SQL databases used by Civica applications including a backup and restore facility.
  • Configuration Utility facilitates the creation of an installation point to which updates can be applied, allowing the administrator to configure certain application properties including licence location, and other default settings. This provides for a seamless installation experience for the end user, resulting with Maze installed ready to use.
  • Application Layer Update Utility assists in applying application layer updates and maintaining a history of patches applied.
  • Integrated Help Desk and Online Problem reporting.
  • Allows users to contact the Civica Education Help Desk directly from within Maze.
  • Allows users to submit online error reports should the software encounter a problem.
  • Provides local system information to Civica Education to assist in providing fast and accurate service.
  • Links to email for reports, newsletters and absentee notifications.
eMaze 2.0

eMaze provides online access to selected information in Maze to staff and other authorised users via a web browser.

Teachers can work from home, whilst parents can access their child’s attendance and academic records as well as financial information. eMaze provides:

  • Secure access to school information, anywhere, anytime, from any computer with a web browser and internet access
  • Digital encryption of sensitive school data using SSL certificates
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive web interface

New in eMaze 2.0

    • eMaze Desktop – provides easy access to all commonly used functions through the click of a single button.
    • eMaze Mobile – record student attendance from anywhere via your iPad, iPhone or Android device.
    • Student profile page – provides teachers with easy access to important student related information in the one screen.

eMaze benefits

      • Reduce IT overheads – eliminates the need to install and maintain Maze on staff computers.
      • Simplify period based attendance – Teachers can mark rolls at the beginning of each lesson using a PC, Mac or mobile device.
      • Reduce costs – provide parents with access to their personal details and account information online.
      • Provide greater flexibility to staff – Teachers can enter academic results from home or any other location.
      • Reduce admin overheads – enable staff to enter and track purchase requisitions from any location.

eMaze 2.0 for Teachers

      • eMaze automatically presents information relevant for the individual teacher, e.g. their classes, their students, their calendar, etc.
      • Easy navigation, drill-downs and the familiar look and feel of a web-based application provides access to information and school based processes with minimal training requirements.

eMaze Mobile for recording attendance

      • Allows teachers to record class attendance from anywhere via a mobile device (iPad, iPhone or android smart phones and tablets).

HR Self Service Portal

      • Allows staff to submit a leave application online. The request for approval is automatically emailed to the relevant member(s) of staff and the application can be approved or declined using eMaze. Current and previous pay slips and PAYG summaries can be viewed or printed.

Purchase Requisition Entry & Authorisation

      • Allows staff to submit a purchase requisition in line with your school’s purchasing guidelines and procedures. Authorising officers are notified of the requisition via email and can approve or decline online.

eMaze for parents

    • eMaze only presents information pertaining to the individual family and their students. Schools decide what information parents can access, which can range from account details and statements, to their childrens’ academic, attendance and behaviour records or timetables.
eMaze Parent Pay

Access to eMaze Parent Pay is provided to parents via the school’s eMaze Internet Site.

The “My Fee Account” page provides access to up-to-date account information and allows parents to view and print account details.

The “Pay Now” button launches the secure online payment screen. My Fee Account Screen making a credit card payment and printing a receipt is a quick and simple process.

Payments are processed via the SecurePay online payment gateway, seamlessly integrated with Maze and eMaze.

eMaze Parent Pay caters for payment of school fees & levies, as well as voluntary transactions such as building fund, and can be setup to automatically add a school specific credit card surcharge.

All approved payments are automatically recorded in Maze and a notification email is sent to an appointed school email address.

To complete the process, a batch of receipts is auto-generated in Maze (daily or less frequently), which applies the approved payments and any applicable surcharges to the parent accounts.


Your school can now manage enrolment enquiries from prospective parents using the new Maze Enquiries Module.

For many schools, enquiries are manually recorded on handwritten lists or typed into spreadsheets, and keeping track of requests and follow-ups is a manual and time consuming process.

The Maze Enquiries Module provides a simple and convenient way for you to record and keep track of enquiries effortlessly within Maze. Users can record the relevant information directly into your Maze database and once entered the information is instantly available for reporting and analysis.

You can also view the communication history for every enquirer and contact them quickly and easily via SMS, email or automated mail-merge.

Benefits to your school

  • Saves time and money.
  • Improves data quality.
  • Provides tools to help you manage and measure marketing efforts.
  • Facilitates planning and future growth.


  • Keep track of enquiries and their current status.
  • Record correspondence details and notes.
  • Use emails or SMS to contact individual enquirers or groups of prospective parents.
  • View the communication history for every enquirer.
  • Record attendance of school tours or interviews.
  • Use pre-configured Word templates to automatically generate open day invitations, follow-up letters and reminders.
  • Generate mailing labels.
  • Automatically create family and student records (future or current) for enquiries that progress through to be waitlisted.
  • Provide easy access to projected student numbers for future years, which consider current and future enrolments (ST and EN) as well as enquiries.
  • Provide statistical information on the source of enquiries.
  • Provide information on withdrawn enquiries.

Widely used by schools throughout Asia-Pacific, the Maze Finance Module has been developed in partnership with schools to ensure the unique requirements of schools are met.

Intuitive, reliable and easy to use, the Maze Finance Module not only meets the most stringent accounting and audit requirements, but also the practical realities of school financial management. The Maze Finance Module is ideal for school finance officers or administrators who require a powerful, reliable financial management system that is fully integrated with the Maze School Management System.

Financial processing in Maze is based on accrual, double-entry accounting integrating Family and Sundry Debtors and Creditors with purchase orders, Assets and General ledger including Australian taxation requirements applicable to schools.

The Maze Finance Module has multiple components that can be implemented independently or seamlessly linked to provide an all-inclusive school financial solution.

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable – family and sundry debtors
  • Accounts Payable including Purchase Orders
  • Asset Management
  • Stock Room – including inventory, book hire and Uniform Shop, standard and customisable financial reports
  • Cost Centre Processing.
Human Resources

Fully integrated with other Maze modules, the Human Resources module allows you to manage your organisational structure, staff and employees more effectively. The Maze HR Module allows you to:

  • Reduce your reliance on paper records maintained outside of Maze.
  • Reduce the need to file hard copies of certificates and other important documents.
  • Save time and effort maintaining accurate and up-to-date staff and employee data.
  • Be automatically reminded of important staff related due dates.
  • Streamline your staff induction processes.

Create a single point of truth for data maintenance

One of the greats thing about the new Human Resource module is that it links payroll employees and timetabled staff to provide a single point for data entry and maintenance of personal information.

  • Maintain data in one place – eliminate duplication of effort
  • Reduce data inconsistencies

Maintain full personnel details in Maze

  • Including multiple addresses, next-of-kin information, medical details, motor vehicle details, health insurance details, police clearance and expiry, teachers registration and expiry.

Manage your organisational structure

  • Setup and track positions and the staff appointed to them (appointments).
  • Retain a full appointment history.
  • View your organisational structure.

Store electronic documents

    • Attach various documents to a personnel or position record. (Examples: certificates, licenses, position description, performance appraisal).

Manage the induction process for new staff

Manage your common induction tasks by setting up a template and creating induction tasks and owners.

      • Tailor induction tasks for a specific new starter
      • Set up automated email reminders to be sent to owners for an unlimited number of tasks
      • Store electronic documents such as certificates and performance appraisals

Automated reminders

      • Automated reminders via email for expiry of driver’s licence, teacher registration and salary review. Additional user defined reminders can be configured.

Manage applications for leave (Payroll module recommended)

      • Be alerted to applications for future leave while preparing your payroll batch.

Web-based self service portal for staff (requires eMaze)

When integrated with eMaze, the Human Resource Module provides a web-based self service portal for staff – saving time for HR and admin staff and reducing reliance on paper records.

    • Staff can apply and be approved for leave within eMaze
    • Manages the complete workflow with leave applications sent to an approving officer to be approved
    • Staff can print their own pay slips and PAYG certification

Maze MarkBook is a fully integrated teacher assessment tool that enables teaching staff to create mark books within Maze by auto-linking students from the Maze timetable. Results are recorded directly into Maze and immediately accessible by department heads and senior management to track, analyse and report on student performance.

Full Integration with Maze

Maze MarkBook is fully integrated with Maze Core Student Administration and Academic, Timetabling and Calendar Modules allowing teachers to create their own mark book in Maze or eMaze. They can then define an assessment structure and auto-link students from the Maze timetable. By integrating MarkBook with your Maze School Management System, staff are no longer required to maintain an external mark book package or import/export data between systems – saving time and resources.

Anytime, Anywhere Access with eMaze

eMaze allows teachers to enter assessment data from home, or any other location, from any computer with an internet browser. This allows teachers to mark student work at their convenience, and saves time for IT departments as they are not required to install Maze on staff computers.


Your school can now manage a chargeable music program using the Maze Music Module.

The Music Module covers all aspects of managing a chargeable music program, including tracking of musical instruments and their hire to students, music lessons and lesson attendance, musical groups and their members, as well as automatic generation of music related fees and charges.

Benefits for your school

  • Improves administrative efficiencies
  • Streamlines processes
  • Minimises music related billing errors

Maintain a Musical Instrument Register

The Music Module provides the ability to manage musical instruments via the Maze Asset ledger. This includes specifying a hire cost and tracking the instrument hire history. An instrument availability report is also available, which provides instant information on currently hired instruments as well as instruments available for hire.

Manage music teachers and their students

Lesson structures can be configured and allocated to a music teacher for each individual instrument a student is learning. Lesson attendance is recorded and flows through to the billing module. Reports are provided to show weekly lists of students per teacher, lessons taught by teacher, music teacher student load and student music lesson attendance.

Manage music groups and their members

The school groups functionality in Maze has been expanded to suit the specific requirements for music related groups and includes the option to specify multiple group related fees and rehearsal day/time information. Members can be tracked based on the date they joined/exited the group and each member can be allocated a specific role and instrument (if applicable). Through the Maze Calendar functionality music group events (such as trips, camps, concerts) can be scheduled and flow through to eMaze and the Period Based Attendance module.

Automatically generate music lessons

Music lessons for the current music period (term or semester) can be automatically generated based on the previous period’s lesson structures, with the option to exclude students who are no longer participating. Only lessons for new music students need to be manually configured.

Automatically generate fees and charges

Music lesson fees can be automatically generated based on the configured lesson structures and an individual student’s attendance. Separate processes allow for the automated billing of instrument hire fees and instrument maintenance fees (if applicable), as well as music group specific fees.


Our integrated payroll solution for Maze provides all payroll features commonly required by schools.

Maze Payroll Module is fully ATO compliant and handles all the standard payroll software requirements such as PAYG calculations, superannuation, fringe benefits tax (FBT) and leave management (sick, annual, LSL and other).

In addition, Maze Payroll Module is fully integrated with the Maze General Ledger, supports multiple PAYG payer or supplier entities and allows you to automatically generate weekly, fortnightly or monthly pays.

Pay slips and PAYG summaries can be printed or generated as PDF and emailed directly to your employees.

Integration with the Maze Human Resources Module will provide:

  • Improved data quality, as all common staff/employee data is centrally managed
  • Access to leave application information from within your payroll batch
  • Ability for staff to access pay slips and PAYG summaries via Self Service Portal (through eMaze)
Purchase Requsitions

Purchasing within your school can now be easily tracked and managed using the Purchase Requisition Module. This includes a full workflow system that caters for the initial purchase order, to delivery, invoicing and payment including relevant approval stages.

The Purchase Requisition Module is designed to cater for any Maze users regardless of their access to the Maze financial tables, thus not compromising the financial security of Maze. Anyone with an Maze user account can submit a purchase requisition saving the administration staff valuable time and streamlining the whole process.

The Purchase Requisition module utilises the Civica Communication Service with emails initiated when a user submits a Purchase Requisition and when an Authorising Officer approves or declines a request. It couldn’t be easier!


The Maze VET Module is the most flexible and easy to use package in its class. The VET Module allows users to import essential VET information such as qualifications, units of competency and industry areas, and to identify which qualifications and/or units they wish to offer in a given academic year. Any student in the Maze database can then be enrolled into appropriate qualifications and units. Recording of VET results may be done individually by student or in bulk by simultaneously entering results for all students undertaking a selected competency.

The Maze VET Module has been developed according to AVETMISS standards and provides streamlined data capture and maintenance processes for Units of Competency and Qualifications offered by a school and undertaken by students. The VET Module ensures that all standard reference data is loaded automatically during installation, including AVETMISS and State codes, enrolment activity, and RTO types. A comprehensive set of VET reports will aid the VET coordinator in his or her day-to-day duties, and enable the transfer of VET data from schools to authorities such as the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).

The standard VET module takes into account all the additional requirements specified by the Curriculum Council of WA and Department of Education WA. Civica Education can develop and cater for local customisation requirements for other States and Territories outside WA on request. See the “Features” tab below for more information.

Enrolling Students

Enrolling students is easy with the Maze VET Module.

  • VET Groups can be created for both competencies and students.
  • Facility to automatically generate VET enrolments based on a VET group.
  • Simple to navigate grid screens to view, maintain or update the information displayed for each student’s competency enrolment.
  • Range of enrolment and data checking reports by students or offerings.

Units of Competency and Qualifications Offered

The Maze VET Module makes the import and selection of Units of Competency and Qualifications easy.

  • Simply download files from the web and import into the module.
  • Mark any Unit of Competency or Qualification as ‘On Offer’.
  • Link subjects to Units of Competency.
  • Enrol students.

VET Results Made Easy

  • Unit of Competency result entry by Individual Student or In Bulk.
  • Easy entry for completed Qualifications.
  • Range of Data Checking reports.
  • Export formats to produce files designed to submit to various governing bodies.
  • VET Certification reports are provided for schools that operate as Registered Training Organisations.

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