Civica Education Suite

A comprehensive set of cloud based education solutions for Australian schools.

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Supporting the management needs of Australian schools with an intuitive and flexible solution.

The Civica Education Suite is a comprehensive set of solutions, developed in Australia, for Australian schools. Key features include:

  • Cloud based for security and ease of access
  • A rich set of tools for administrators, finance managers and teachers
  • Flexibility to integrate with other best of breed platforms  
  • Intuitive and easy to use

We provide a schoolwide management system that combines the best of finance and educational administrative capabilities all via an incredibly easy-to-navigate dashboard. Bottom line: We help paint an accessible, holistic picture of your school and its students. 

 The partnership with Civica, coupled with the committed and capable members of my team, enabled a very cost effective migration and implementation which also provided learning and development opportunities for department staff. The end result has been the smooth delivery of a very complex project with little or no disruption to schools and students.

Satpinder Daroch, Chief Information Officer, Northern Territory Department of Education

CES modules:

School Administration

Next generation web based school administration

Administrators play an important role in a school and its community. Having access to the right information quickly, and easily is imperative. Developed specifically for school administrators the CES admin module is your single source of truth.

The Central Person Store is the foundation of our solution. This person centric design matched with the efficient data structures which underpin the Civica Education Suite. It provides all of the functionality required to deliver an efficient and powerful school administration solution which is designed to improve the way your school operates.

 CE School Administration gives you:

  • A comprehensive and powerful web based school administration system
  • A person centric design with information only entered once
  • Deep Integration with other modules from the Civica Education Suite
  • The ability to manage enrolments quickly and easily
  • The ability to manage current and future students
  • The ability to manage all family information
  • The ability to manage all staff information
  • Flexible reporting tools and a comprehensive range of standard reports to support your school 


Finance & Billing

Next generation school finances made easy

Civica Education has built on our school finance expertise over the last thirty years and we have been leveraging all of this knowledge in our new CE Finance and Billing modules.

We know in some schools there is a requirement to support non finance specialists using a school finance system which is accessible, forgiving and intuitive. At the same time the system needs to be powerful enough to meet the complex needs of bigger schools and jurisdictions who are running large scale finance operations.

CE Finance and Billing delivers an integrated education specific solution, which is accessible at all levels, with a solution that speeds up finance processing, and integrates with the rest of the modules of the Civica Education Suite. This means that no matter what your size, CE Finance allows you to operate more effectively and efficiently, and giving you complete peace of mind around your financial operational and reporting requirements.

CE Billing is an integrated school specific and flexible billing module.

CE Finance is configurable to a school's requirements and is an evolution of our Maze Finance system which is already used in over 2,000 schools. We’ve taken the best of Maze Finance, added a range of improvements, and made it all accessible via a web browser.

CE Finance gives you:

  • Full finance solution including account receivables, account payables, general ledger, asset management and purchasing. 
  • A comprehensive and proven school specific finance system with a powerful and flexible billing module
  • Browser delivered with secure local or central deployment options
  • Deep Integration with Civica school management systems or other third party systems
  • Multiple previous years history
  • Processing in more than one period
  • ‘One Click’ error corrections
  • Bank statement import and auto-reconciliation
  • Add notes and electronic attachments to transactions or accounts
  • Accurate cash flow reporting to give current and estimate cash position at any point in time
  • Ability to import and export data quickly and easily into a range of applications
  • In addition to the above, our solution provides the option to operate as an enterprise finance solution, which provides:
    • The option to manage a register of approved suppliers
    • Centralised control over open/closed financial periods
    • Centrally managed data submissions
    • Centralised financial reporting


Teacher Toolkit

A better toolkit for teachers

Our new solution provides an intelligent and modular set of teacher tools which streamline administrative classroom tasks and support teaching and learning.

We strongly believe in designing our solution for the device that is most suited to the task, which in the case of our Teacher Tools is mobile devices of varying sizes.

Everything is only one or two clicks away:

  1. A dashboard with widgets provides immediate access to information
  2. A flexible task list to guides teachers to make it easy to keep on track with administrative tasks
  3. Class lists and information with student photos, behaviour summaries, attendance summaries etc
  4. Timetables and Calendars
  5. Student Profiles, which provide access to all student related information in the one place

CES Timetabling simplifies primary and secondary school scheduling

CES Timetabling is Australia’s first and only fully web-based enterprise Timetabling solution for both primary and secondary schools. We're proud to say that CES is  the only system that can provide schools with a complete admin/billing/finance/timetabling solution using the latest cutting edge technology.

With a brand new drag and drop interface, our Timetabling module guides your timetable expert through the process of configuring and generating school timetables.

With over 35 years of experience in timetabling, our solution uses successfully tested algorithms to automate great timetables for all occasions.

Importantly, our latest timetabling solution has been developed with constant input from school timetable experts in focus groups and feedback sessions, which ensures that it ticks all of your boxes.

As an integral part of the Civica Education Suite, it means that all of your school’s essential data is stored in the one system, with no need for third party products or the need to import data.

CES timetabling brings you:

  • A modern web interface that doesn’t compromise system performance
  • Significant time savings in timetable automation
  • Greater flexibility with version control to create multiple copies of timetables
  • Drag and drop functionality to easily and quickly create timetables
  • A Timetabling solution to manage simple to the most complex scenarios
  • Daily management for covers and events 
  • Ability to work on your timetable from any internet connected location
Academic Reporting

Our Academic Reporting module is a fully configurable solution for Primary and Secondary schools.

For administrators it provides:

  • Flexible setup to report by subject class (for Secondary Schools) or by roll group and learning area (for Primary Schools).
  • Fully configurable for each reporting period and year level, providing full control over how each subject or learning area is reported on
  • Standard report templates that can be tailored
  • Preconfigured workflows that manages the whole process from data entry, data checking to print readiness and the actual print process
  • Academic Reporting Dashboard to assist with the management and tracking of all reporting related tasks

For Teachers:

  • Automatic reminders for due dates via the Tasks List
  • Super-quick access (one click!) to results entry from your dashboard
  • Quick and easy data entry
  • Access to student information (contact details, medical, behaviour records, attendance details, timetable, assessment results) in the collapsible student profile, whilst entering assessment results
Central Person Store

Managing data and entities effectively

The Civica Education Suite has been developed around a Central Person Store. This provides us with the ability to track individuals and their involvement with one or more schools. We can look at a single person and see what roles they currently hold or have held across all the schools that are part of a single CES deployment. This is important because it provides you with a clean data and comprehensive and accurate information about all the individuals that your school or schools are dealing with.

This core information can flow seamlessly into other applications that have been integrated into the Civica Education Suite, providing you a single point of truth and ensuring all your systems are updated correctly and are up to date. This means you can have peace of mind the data you are looking at is accurate and it saves you time since you only have to enter it once.

CE Central Person store has a person centric design matched with efficient data structures which underpin the Civica Education Suite. It also includes a front end web application which provides tools to manage duplicate person records.

CE Central Person Store gives you

  • A robust backbone system for managing data and entities
  • Deep Integration with Civica Education Suite or other third party systems
  • An efficient way of managing data and entities
  • Bi-directional connectivity
  • A purpose built integration layer which is flexible and powerful
  • Interoperability using common standards
Learning Management

CES provides deep integration with a number of leading learning management partners including Frog Learning and Daymap, ensuring a simplified and streamlined user experience for teachers.

Community Portal

*** first version available Dec 2020 ***

The Civica Community Portal provides a secure platform to share relevant and up-to-date information with your school community.  It acts as the gateway between the schools’ internal workflows, processes and data and the outside community (e.g. caregivers and students) by providing automated workflows that remove the need for paper and forms.

  • School news and notification
  • Student information, including absences, behaviour, timetable, events
  • Online payments
  • Information update for parents and students
  • Online enquiries and applications for prospective parents
Mark Book

*** first version available Dec 2020 ***

The MarkBook module complements our current reporting to parents solution by providing a teachers with the ability to record ongoing assessments for their students. 

It is available as an add-on module to Teacher Toolkit and utilises a familiar and easy to use interface.  Integration with Academic Reporting allows MarkBook assessments to be published to formal end of term or semester reports, which minimises the need for repetitive data entry.


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