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16th May 2024

Over $1.8M of operational efficiencies achieved by Melton's City Council since the digital rollout in October 2019

Melton City Council is a thriving council on Melbourne’s western rural-urban fringe facing the ongoing challenges of rising community needs, tight budgets, evolving legislative work, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

And well before COVID-19 accelerated digital solutions adoption, Melton City Council was already grappling with the growing need for innovation, efficiency, and improved customer service.

There was minimal focus on customer self-service and resource-intensive email enquiries drove up costs. In addition, most customer forms were non-editable PDFs that were filled out manually.

Hence, the Council recognised the urgent need for digital innovation to address these challenges and to improve efficiency, service, and productivity.

Since October 2019, Civica’s Authority Community Portal has fulfilled all four of the council’s primary business goals:

  • Optimised customer self-service

  • Improved customer request response time

  • Business workflow improvement

  • Cost reduction via removal of non-valued steps.

The community portal has changed the delivery of end-to-end initiatives with a customer-centric approach while maintaining governance and compliance.

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Community Portal statistics

Applications and request types available

Applications/requests available online

Online submissions for more than half of the applications

Key outcomes: From October 2019 to April 2022

21,238+ Staff hours saved in 2 years

78% Reduction in phone calls and office visits

527 Back-office steps removed

31,281 Registered users (45% households)

Daniel Ligtvoet,

A/g Digital Citizen Experience (DCE) Lead

We went from heavily relying on manual processes to achieving more than $1.8M of operational efficiencies since the digital rollout in October 2019.

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