Care City supports carers with Civica Learning education App

16th November 2021

Care City supports carers to reduce long-term health conditions with Civica Learning App

Care City wanted an educational App to support carers in the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.

The challenge

Care City is a centre for healthy ageing innovation, research and education, set up and funded by the North East London Foundation Trust and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Due to the ongoing prevalence of pressure ulcers in patients across social care, adult safeguarding, community and hospital teams, Care City wanted a scalable and accessible education and training App that focusses on the care, management and prevention of pressure ulcers.

The aim of the App is to improve carer knowledge, helping them to spot signs of deterioration in the health of those they care for early, enabling them to make good decisions about what to do to help.

The solution

Civica Learning (formerly Agylia) and mobile learning Apps were selected because of their ease of use, highly engaging user interfaces and support for mobile delivery.

The Apps - branded as iCare - are available for iOS and Android devices, giving carers the ability to access the content they need via their mobile or tablet device, wherever they are and whenever it suits them.

In addition to online access to content, users can download content and still access the content offline without internet connectivity. This is particularly important as carers often travel between care homes or homes of those that they care for.

The iCare Apps provide carers with access to a range of digital learning content, including microlearning courses, videos, podcasts, diagrams, animations and photography.

The content for the iCare App covers educational microlearning modules on topics related to the prevention of pressure ulcers, based on the Great SKIN guide developed by NHS clinicians at North East London Foundation Trust.

In addition to conventional SCORM data tracking, Civica Learning incorporates an Experience API Learning Records Store (LRS) that can capture a wide range of learning experiences.

Even while a user’s device is offline, their learning experiences within the iCare App, including content views are being tracked. When the device is next online, tracked data is automatically and seamlessly synchronised with Civica Learning. This enables Care City to track and report on a significantly richer set of learning experiences, providing a greater understanding of how carers use the App and learning content.

The result

The iCare App is being independently evaluated by City, University of London to understand users experience of using the App and how it can improve users’ knowledge and confidence in their caring role. Benefits of the iCare App are expected to be:

  • Increased confidence and knowledge of carers
  • Reduction in the number of health crises and long-term conditions of those they care for
  • Reduction in healthcare requirements e.g. urgent admissions to hospital.