Karen Scott

Training Specialist, Libraries

I get to live in my “paradise” and still work with my team and customers every day

Returning to work at Civica after a seven-year gap was not something that I thought would be possible now that I no longer live in Melbourne. That was before I learnt that Spydus trainers can work, and run training, from home.

For me, home can be one of several places and I have worked from Adelaide, Cairns, Brisbane and Palm Cove in the six months since I started in March this year. I appreciate that I can live in my “paradise”, Palm Cove, and still work with my team and customers every day. Working remotely means that I can also work in Brisbane, where my husband’s office is based, or Adelaide, when I want to visit family.

Civica, through my leader, is extremely supportive of my mobile lifestyle. This highlights another advantage of remote work, the flexibility to sometimes deal with non-work activities during conventional work hours and then make up the time later.

Having to commute to work for many years, I also love that I can now go for a beach walk before or after work, and even at lunchtime, instead of spending time in traffic.

I think customers also appreciate that we are working from home, just as many of them are, and we all understand what it is like when a “work from home” partner is in a meeting at the same time or pets or children join training sessions wanting attention. These moments make us laugh and help build a rapport.