Ben Lees

Team Leader, Justice Services

Leading my team effectively means great customer service

Ben is the Team Leader for Nominations Processing in our Justice Services team. He manages workloads, working closely with his team to answer their enquiries, and drives initiatives to ensure the team is always on a pathway to improve processes.

“Being a team leader gives me the opportunity to help my team members develop the professionals they aim to be. I have regular 1-1 and coaching sessions to discuss their progress and work collaboratively on any goals they want to achieve. I get to be a part of their journey with Civica and aim to make a positive impact on them throughout this.

Leading my team effectively also means that we are serving our customers well. Customers may be anxious to get their nominations completed in a timely manner, so when we can ensure our KPIs are being met, we are meeting community expectations and helping people to get fines into the correct persons’ name.

Knowing that I can have a positive impact on my team is an amazing feeling. It’s so rewarding to see someone progress and reach goals they have set out to achieve. It sounds cheesy, but I really do have the best team you could ask for. Having the opportunity to support them is humbling. I also love that Civica focuses so heavily on developing people. If somebody wants to try something, we are always encouraged to pursue our goals.”