Public Safety

Our environment & public safety management systems are used to safeguard people and their local communities.

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Civica works with local authorities and government agencies, helping to protect people and places and to deliver efficient customer services and administration through critical software applications, digital solutions and technology services.

Critical software

We provide a range of specialist software modules that are custom-designed to manage and improve disparate components of public safety, emergency response, regulatory control and law enforcement activities. All modules are seamlessly integrated with each other so that all data held in the system is accessible through a single intuitive user interface with optimized archiving and search capabilities.

Digital solutions

With a leading capability, we plan, build and manage effective digital solutions. Our services allow agencies to deliver a modern customer experience and streamlined operations. We’re committed to turning digital vision into reality.

IT-based services

Civica also provides a broad range of managed services, ranging from application hosting to business process services enabled by software and automation. Covering hardware, infrastructure, software and service management, Civica is a proven partner with a flexible commercial approach, helping our customers to work efficiently and effectively and to speed up the adoption of modern technology.

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