Authority RedHawk

Run in-car and on-station LEADS queries for officer safety and department interoperability

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With Authority Safety RedHawk your agency will receive a highly-effective information and communications tool aimed at promoting officer safety and department interoperability.

Authority RedHawk is a Web service that allows officers and departments to run LEADS queries either in-car or on-station, giving the officer immediate feedback on the person or vehicle they are engaged with. With RedHawk, officers can know immediately:


  • “Does this person have a warrant?”
  • “Is this person under suspicion?”
  • “Does this person have a Concealed Carry Permit?”
  • “Does this person have a Protection Order against them?”
  • “Is the vehicle stolen?”
  • “Has this person’s registration expired?”

Key Features

Promotes interoperability with other Departments on the RedHawk Network.

LEADS/BMV information can be used to populate Traffic Tickets, Accident Reports, and NIBRS Records.

Text chatting and VoIP Internet phone calls can be made with other users/departments on the RedHawk System.

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