Utility Cloud

Our Utility billing software allows on-the-go functionality for employees and citizens

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Our Utility software uses Cloud technology to reduce the number of steps needed to complete service orders and make payments

Utility Cloud enables its users to be more mobile, reducing their trips to the office. Complete service orders and manage files in the field by securely logging on anywhere with an internet connection. You can eliminate the need for bulky equipment and travel light with tablet. Utility Cloud scales to any mobile device to make it easier to use. By providing real-time access to updated information, you can reduce the workload on clerks to re-enter the information once a service order is complete, saving time and increasing productivity.

Online payment options give citizens the freedom to pay their bills online from any location. View bills, make payments, update user information and see a history of previous activity. Encourage timely payments by removing the barrier to make payments from the comfort of their own home.

Reduce trips to the office by receiving and completing service orders in the field

Increase productivity by removing the need for clerks to re-enter information

Intuitive, easy to use self-service platform encourages timely payment

Empower citizens to more self-sufficient by managing their account details online

Protect your citizens’ data with Microsoft Azure security.

The power of cloud: protecting citizen data from cyberattacks

Civica’s Rachel Brier explains why cloud technology is the answer to protecting citizens’ data.

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Rachel Brier, Managing Director of our revenues and benefits division

Mark Burgess,

Managing Director,

We've invested in Cloud technology to give its users the flexibility to work anywhere, better access to data and a more streamlined user experience whilst removing the expense and need for in-house computer hardware. With on-the-go instant access to information to top-of-the-line security, Utility Cloud is the first step toward modernizing our ERP suite.

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