Helping healthcare organizations master their data challenges to deliver better patient outcomes.

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Trusted data is fundamental so informed decision making can be made when providing vital patient care.

Is your data complete, accurate and shareable? Civica’s cloud Master Data Management (MDM) platform, MultiVue, helps healthcare organizations to match, merge and master their data. It provides a single view of patients, customers or members – from any location, at any time, and on any device.

The improved data availability and quality provided improves the user experience. It unlocks exciting possibilities for tech innovation and data insights so you deliver better, more cost-effective services.

 MultiVue for Healthcare Organizations


Why choose MultiVue?

  • Improve business decision making
  • Drive efficiencies & cost savings
  • Improve data quality & accuracy

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What makes Civica MultiVue different?

  • Sophisticated matching algorithms for the highest levels of data accuracy with unmatched performance and scalability
  • Robust data governance tools to reduce security and compliance risk
  • Powerful tools for users and CRM integration capability
  • Accurate, complete, consistent data across multiple departments and agencies
  • Better-informed decisions, improved user experience and patient outcomes
  • Higher-quality, more streamlined services at a lower cost.


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