Community Fire Risk Management Information System

Helping fire and rescue services reduce risk and increase productivity through better management and targeting of fire safety resources

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Streamlining strategic fire risk management

More than 70% of the UK's fire and rescue services use our Community Fire Risk Management Information System (CFRMIS). Developed in collaboration with our fire and rescue service customers, it captures all the information needed for effective fire prevention and risk reduction — a key focus area for today's fire and rescue services, alongside their traditional intervention role.

CFRMIS will help you reduce risk to members of the public and operational fire crews; improve management of risk, auditing and operational intelligence; and maximise operational service delivery efficiency.

Why choose CFRMIS

Improve risk identification and reduce the risk of incidents occurring

Save time and increase productivity among your teams

Improve the quality of your data to ensure consistency of information

A comprehensive toolset

CFRMIS can be managed in house by your own IT team, or hosted and managed by us. CFRMIS offers a comprehensive set of tools for strategic fire risk management. Key capabilities include:

  • Technical Fire Safety (protection) The Fire Safety Audit system gives you the tools you need to ensure non-domestic premises comply with fire safety legislation, choose which premises to target for audit based on risk profiles, and undertake those audits efficiently.
  • Community Fire Safety (prevention) The system will help you reduce risk in the community with targeted home fire safety checks and safety awareness campaigns. It also offers efficient tools for recording and managing the sensitive information gathered during this process.
  • Operational Intelligence (response) You'll be able to manage the risk to crews when responding to emergencies using efficient tools for gathering and disseminating essential site-specific risk information, which can be critical for onsite decision-making.

Further modules are also available, including vulnerable persons, online services, petroleum and explosives licensing, and mobile working; as well as full geographic information system integration options.

Karen Waters,

Software Administrator,

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

I have found CFRMIS an invaluable tool for recording and reporting our Community Safety, Community Engagements and Business Fire Safety work within the fire service. Civica are supportive and approachable with new ideas and development of the system.

Some of our customers include: 

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