Authority BIS Executive Management Solution

Improve planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, performance tracking, and analysis.

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You have never been under so much pressure to plan long-term, manage costs and performance, model for changing revenue and expenses, budget in closer detail, and to provide so many reports.

The Civica Authority BIS Executive Management Solution gives Finance Directors the ability to turn data into information, information into decisions, and decisions into actions.

Interfaced to core Civica Finance solutions

The Civica BIS interfaces to our Finance solutions, enabling the relevant data to be imported seamlessly so that it can be manipulated, analyzed, presented, and reported to all levels of management in your organization.

Budgeting and modeling made easy

This software makes budget preparation a breeze. Budgeting is as simple as drilling to a particular department and clicking the Budget button. Examples of budgets that can be created within Authority BIS include: next-year budgets (including up to 15 future years), current-year revised budgets, and forecasts.

Features & benefits

Category based definition of Council’s business rules and workflows ensuring consistent service levels

Ability to monitor performance across all of Council’s operations to ensure productivity and service objectives are being met

Comprehensive Management Reporting

Allows the Public to communicate directly with Council Officers via the website

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