More than meets the eye

Can chatbots provide real value for public services?

In our second volume of Perspectives* we delve into the world of chatbots. But can they provide real value for public services? And how can you maximise your investment?

Leaders and innovators joined us at Perspectives* Live with Microsoft to answer these questions and more in three key sessions:


1. Rise of the bots

  • Why bots, why not and why should we care? (Glen Robinson, UK National Technology Officer, Microsoft) - Providing a perspective on why and how this technology is making an impact
  • Chatbot experiences... - Our open chat sharing real-life experiences across public services.

2. Bots of the future

  • Big idea-sharing - Our handpicked tech startups (Signly, Vastmindz, Aiva and Ellipsis Health) outline more about what's possible in their fast-paced pitches
  • Chatbots... what will the future bring? (Matthew Higham, Chief Digital Officer, Microsoft) - Rule-based FAQ bots and digital assistants are just the beginning, Matthew explores what the future holds and provide a glimpse of what might come next.

3. Getting bot ready

  • Practical steps to help you get 'bot ready' – Our expert panel discusses how you can take the first steps and get the most value from your chatbot
  • Chair: Harold de Neef (Group Director - Cloud and Innovation, Civica)
    Panel: Gosbert Chagula (CEO, Startup Discovery School), Emma Jackson (Head of Digital Design and Innovation, Monmouthshire County Council), Genady Belenky (Chatbot lead, Microsoft) and Emily Douglin (Managing Director – Regulatory Services, Civica)