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Exploring how emerging technologies can help us build more innovative public services for today, and tomorrow.

Civica NorthStar is our innovation lab focused on creating enhanced outcomes for public services, by applying fresh ideas around data, automation and new technologies.

Working with our customers and partners, we harness new thinking and improve outcomes for our communities.

Read our latest insights in Perspectives*. In our series, we explore emerging technologies and how they can help us build more innovative public services. Interested in partnering with us? We’re always looking for new ideas, partners and start-ups to join us on our journey. If you would like to find out more, just knock on our Teal Door.

GovTech trends: 2023

In volume 6 of Perspectives* we share our new trends for 2023 and explore how we can build a stronger and more inclusive future

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Gov Tech Trends 2023

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