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Automatically create schedules using employees’ availability and skills

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Easily plan and digitally share working schedules across multiple companies, sites, departments, cost centres, locations and teams

Our cloud-enabled roster software is designed to complement the functionality available in Civica’s integrated Time and Attendance software. It will help you pick the right people for your teams every time, quickly and easily, streamlining workforce planning throughout your organisation.

Civica Roster is a proven solution for hotels, leisure, residential care and education organisations and other environments where projects and workloads can change from day to day and week to week – and with it the people required. Simply define the roles that need filling and the software automatically finds available people with the correct skills to fill them and then shares this information with employees online or via SMS. 

The Civica HR & Payroll platform features fully integrated HR softwarepayroll software and time management solutions, which can be used in combination or standalone and include the latest digital employee self-service technologies. We can also offer integrated managed payroll services. The software is cloud-based and we can manage this for you.

Please read on for a comprehensive feature list.

Why choose Civica Roster Software?

Simplified workforce planning, automatically find available employees with the correct skills

Improve compliance, ensure employees are appropriately qualified, manage Working Time Directive requirements

Improve communication of shifts and availability with employees

Key features:

  • Use the system to plan working schedules for multiple companies, sites, departments, cost centres, locations and teams.
  • Set-up rules for the minimum and maximum times an employee can work, along with specifying rest days.
  • Manage hours in line with working Time Directive requirements.
  • Set up unlimited roles or jobs and define the skills required to do them.
  • Set-up daily work groups to cover all your business needs and build these into weekly schedules.
  • Automatically roster employees according to the skills that they have and their availability.
  • Notify employees of their shifts via self-service or email.
  • Employees can notify you of their availability via self-service.
  • Notify employees of additional shifts that are available via SMS with the facility to accept these.

Transparent HR and payroll management at St Andrews Links

Scotland’s Home of Golf ensures efficient time and attendance recording and payroll accuracy for permanent and seasonal employees.

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