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Maximise vehicle and driver resources using the most cost effective route

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Deliver better customer service, reduce mileage and costs

Get the most out of your vehicles and drivers with TranSend, our cloud-optimised route planning software. Simply automate the planning process and create efficient routes based on customer orders, weights and volumes, delivery windows, vehicle capacity and driver availability and hours.

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Why choose TranSend route planning software?

Automatically create cost-effective routes to boost productivity

Lower costs with faster delivery time and lower mileage

Manage customer expectations with real-time delivery ETA updates

TranSend route planning supports your preferred approach:

Route generation. Automatically create efficient routes based on order information imported directly from an ERP or order management system. Criteria includes promised delivery window, priorities and vehicle requirements.

Dynamic route builder. Build routes based on sales orders using simple drag and drop from a list and/or graphical map. Planners can amend automatically generated routes even if they’re in progress, allowing them to stay in control and react to local changes and challenges.

Skill-sets. Choose the right resource to meet specific order requirements. Plus, it helps you allocate resources based on vehicle equipment or driver skill sets to meet your customers’ needs.

Strategic planner. Run ‘what-if’ scenarios to help you better plan and identify improvement opportunities. It uses live, historic and/or user-defined data to generate realistic results.

Our software also handles scenarios where planned routes are imported from an external system, but need to be amended by the local depot, such as adding additional drops, re-sequencing, moving drops from one route to another. Planned routes are automatically uploaded to TranSend ePOD.

Mark Coleby,

Service Director,


We wanted to refine route allocation to select not only the best route, but a route that considered the type of skillset needed for the vehicle, equipment and engineers.
We turn to Civica for help and they quickly adapted the skillset mapping feature. This further automated the previously manual and time consuming task of allocating the right vehicle and staff to the specific job.

Maximise the return on your fleet investment

Find out how organisations can increase efficiency and maximise the return on their fleet investment with connected data. 

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Rob Peters,

Site Director,


Our investment in TranSend integrated ePOD and route planning will drive business efficiencies and build on our reputation for quality, promptness, efficiency and innovation in service delivery.

We have delivered TranSend route planning for customers including:

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