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Providing local authorities across the UK with technology solutions that empower teams to save money and improve lives in their community.

Budgets are under pressure like never before. Your community needs more support than ever. And your teams are having to learn new ways of working. The 2020 year and dealing with a global pandemic has brought that home to all of us.

This is why we design smart software that supports remote working, improves and automates internal processes, and delivers a better experience for your community. The increased efficiencies soon translate into cost-savings that justify your investment.

Your citizens benefit too, and we help deliver quality, value for money local services to the whole community. From virtual council meetings to elections, tax collection to trading standards – our software reduces your staff's burden and improves outcomes in your community.

You can access our products on a shared basis with other councils to help drive costs down. And we can support you with skilled resource whenever you need them.




local authorities around the world

Helping deliver services used by



in COVID-19 related payments to help citizens and businesses

Machine learning reloaded

In volume 3 we reload the topic of machine learning to help local government crack the matrix and get more value


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