Civica Education Suite - School management system

The Civica Education Suite is Civica’s newly developed and 100% web-based solution for schools.

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CES: Driving improvement and efficiency in schools

Our comprehensive Education Suite brings together essential information, management and teaching tools to provide the systems foundation to drive school improvement and efficiency.

CES is our latest web-based school management solution for smallest school of 20 students, to our largest customer of 1,600 schools - and everywhere in between. It provides anytime, anywhere access from any devices and is delivered from Civica’s secure local data centres.

Civica Education Suite

Single identity management

Jurisidiction or individual school management

Central Person Store to allow for cross application data sharing, single sign on and identity management

Use of the system is simple for teachers, parents and students and this will create efficiencies for the school when it comes to collecting, managing and using their data. Educational leaders are able to use our analytics tools to interrogate the data captured, and in turn be sure that they are making data driven decisions for the students and their school.

A combination of our person centric design (based upon the SIF AU interoperability data model), and our unique Central Person Store ensure that data is entered and used as required. This applies to both Civica and non Civica products. When used across a group of schools, information can even be transferred or shared between schools.

Whatever your role in the education community, you can be assured that the Civica Education Suite was designed to allow your organisation to make the most of the data. This ensures that each person will get the maximum possible value from the solution.


Civica Education Suite

  • Shares data with other systems
  • Provisions accounts with a rich set of identity information
  • Provides a core, single identity for each user - with roles & schools attached to the identity as attributes
  • Uses a standards based approach to allow single sign on to other applications
  • All components share a core set of identity data from a Central Data Store and the Central Person Store to allow for cross application data sharing, single sign on and identity management.

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