Civica Registrations

Integrated appointments and resource management solution

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Civica Registrations is a flexible solution that transforms the end-to-end workflow for all booking types. It integrates self-service appointment bookings with efficient scheduling and full management.

Many local authorities enable customers to book appointments online but behind the scenes registration officers are often left to manage bookings, and schedule rooms and resource using online calendars, spreadsheets or even paper-based systems. Civica Registrations is designed to help your registration office to manage bookings more effectively. It transforms the end-to-end workflow for all your booking types and enables you to work smarter.

The solution we offer covers all key processes for registrations and will benefit your office by:

  • Enabling registrars to use a single system to manage the entire registration process
  • Boosting customer experience by enabling self-service bookings and payment of fees
  • Saving time by reducing the workload for registrars and enabling them to focus on important tasks.

Why Civica Registrations?

Easy to use

Enables customer self-service

Increases efficiency

Single view

Civica Registrations provides you with a single system to manage the entire registration process. Integrated data between customer bookings and the Registry office boosts efficiencies, reduces costs and provides a more effective platform for growth and delivering better service for customers.

Reduced administration

We boost self-service options to customers, enabling them to make bookings and pay fees themselves. This automates manual processes and reduces administration tasks for your registry office.

Flexibility and customisation

We are able to adapt our solution to reflect the way you work, your brand and enable date restrictions, such as the national target time for reporting births.

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