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Providing better service, identifying issues with process or achieving a reduction in failures is key for organisations to be successful & deliver improved outcomes.

iCasework, a leading complaints and case management cloud solution has been empowering organisations across healthcare, financial services, local government, libraries and education for over 20 years, helping sectors to improve customer satisfaction and gain valuable insights from customer feedback and complaints

How iCasework can help?

  • Improve customer experience: Centralise your case records in the cloud with our solution that facilitates data capture from all communication channels, including phone, email, web and social media.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty: Improve the quality of the services with statistical analysis of complaint management data combined with automated reports which provide vital business intelligence to retain loyal customers.
  • Support Compliance: Meet compliance requirements or voluntary codes of practice for complaint handling.
  • Get staff up to speed, fast: Manage the caseload and collaborate across your team, define next actions, escalate where appropriate and keep to timelines determined by compliance requirements.
  • Cloud Security: We take the security of information very seriously. The solution meets the strictest of security standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certifications.
  • True learning from complaints: Comprehensive and industry-specific root cause classifications supported by alerts to allow you to quickly understand and address underlying causes.

For organisations or departments who may be required to comply with regulatory guidelines in capturing complaints and feedback, and who need to ensure the security and safety of their communities information, a dedicated complaints management solution is essential.

By using iCasework for Educational Institutions, you’ll have the technology and methodology to capture and manage your students or community complaints in a unified and consistent manner, regardless of which part of the business they decide to contact. The software will enable you to handle the process efficiently as well as give you a thorough understanding of their issues by allowing you to analyse and track feedback, complaints, enquiries and service requests.

Carolyn Van Tilburg,

Senior IDR Advisor,

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited

We implemented iCasework in 2014 and since then have used it to capture all of our complaints, compliments and suggestions. Having a simple, easy workflow process allows us to meet our organisational requirements and gives us valuable insights with quick and easy reports. Trends can be easily identified and analysis of data has been used to improve our products and services. The iCasework team have worked closely with us to ensure that we stay up-to-date allowing us to continue to meet our regulatory requirements. iCasework has definitely made my job easier.

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