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Our highly experienced team of consultants, project managers and data scientists are here to support you at every stage in your journey of turning data into a strategic asset.

Our core purpose is to help shape your MDM initiative to create compelling business outcomes, quickly, while always ensuring your solution's total cost of ownership is favorable.

Our MultiVue implementation methodology, developed based on integrating thousands of data sources and billions of records, is designed to minimize project risk while also keeping service costs predictable in nature. Clients and partners can ‘own’ their MDM solution and not be beholden to expensive service engagements as they scale towards enterprise-wide uptake.

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Proof of business value

Whether you are looking to make the business case for MDM or simply de-risk your project, it’s important to start by creating a proof of concept that can help you clarify the tangible business outcomes you could achieve from your data assets. You can prove in as little as three weeks that our solution can integrate with your environment and deliver measurable ROI.

Implementation services

Deliver against even the tightest project timelines with our implementation services and start seeing the value of MDM in weeks, rather than months or years. Our experienced team of consultants will also provide a full knowledge transfer, leaving you with the confidence required to really ‘own’ your MDM solution and strategy.

Data discovery service

Helping you understand the current state of your data quality and its impact on desired outcomes. This engagement will help to diagnose issues in data processes and benchmark against statistical trends, while also informing the business logic behind matching rules going forward.

Power user training services

To maximize the value of your investment in our MDM solution, it is essential to create ‘power users’ within the organization to make MultiVue part of your business as usual. We offer a range of courses focused on Data Stewardship and Technical Administration, all the way through to train-the-trainer programs.

Compelling business outcomes

There is a big difference between proving that MDM technology works and proving that it will make an impact on business outcomes. By taking part in our proof of business value exercise, you will be able to demonstrate both. We like nothing more than the challenge of translating our MDM technology into your specific use-cases.

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