Helping state and local government master data management to deliver technical innovation and quality insight

We understand that government agencies rely on huge amounts of data to coordinate and deliver cost effective quality services.

As the nature of citizen interactions becomes more complex, the potential touchpoints they have with your organization can span countless departments, customer facing teams and IT systems. This can present a challenge. With this much fragmented data, you run the risk of incomplete, inaccurate or duplicate citizen records and it’s hard to maintain a clear picture of performance.

Civica’s cloud-enabled Master Data Management (MDM) software, MultiVue, helps government agencies to match, merge and master data from these many sources, ensuring a complete, accurate and shareable view of citizen and household records.

The improved data availability and quality provided improves user experience and unlocks exciting possibilities for tech innovation and data insights in order to deliver better, more cost-effective services.

Opportunities to create better outcomes from mastering data management

Digital transformation

  • Increase revenue with more efficient aged debtor and fraud management
  • Enable the adoption and expected returns of digital self-service channels
  • Ensure your CRM has the right data to resolve more enquiries at first contact.

Social services

  • Support social workers in being more efficient, mobile and safe
  • Enable the analytics to better manage and reduce costs and predict service delivery
  • Keep the elderly independent for longer.

Operational efficiencies

  • Provide complete and accurate business insight when needed
  • Easily use data to increase automation and make AI a reality
  • Break down the inefficiencies of departmental silos.

Data management

  • Support data management for consent and citizen rights
  • Discover relationships and a household view
  • Provide the data confidence for multi-agency collaboration.
“We now have an up-to-date and accurate picture of every person served by the department, which means we have a holistic view of the cost of service provision and can ensure that every person receives the best, most joined-up service possible.”
Beth Davidson
State Health Information Technology Coordinator
Department of Health & Social Services, State of Alaska


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