Artificial Intelligence

Transforming customer engagement and search in educational institutions

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Civica has launched a new Changing Landscape™ report, the latest in a series of insights into the future of libraries, museums and schools across the Asia Pacific.

Compiled with insights from dozens of public sector leaders at customer events in Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne, Artificial intelligence: Transforming customer engagement and search in educational institutions, reveals AI is a top priority in 2020.​

Library and museum leaders and executives from organisations including Civica, Microsoft and AI Singapore point to key benefits including automated asset cataloguing, data matching and image recognition. These capabilities will facilitate greater transparency across large networks of information, enabling libraries and museums to better serve their role as a trusted global network of resources.

One library manager involved in the discussion summarised a sentiment shared by many leaders: “You don’t need to be technical to understand AI, you need to understand it’s a tool in the tool box and you need to think about what you’re using it to accomplish.”​

The report covers topics that all library and museum practitioners should be aware of, including:​

  • The possibilities of AI in libraries and museums which will improve user experience​
  • Challenges and limitations to AI
  • Recommendations for AI best practice​

Download a copy of the report and find out more about our Changing Landscape series.

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