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Streamlining the purchase-to-pay process to save you time and money

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Saffron Purchasing automates and simplifies the buying process for catering providers, saving up to 70% of the associated costs of a paper-based system. Purchasing is trusted by Saffron customers to manage in excess of $35 million of transactions every month.


Caterers have full procurement control - from managing suppliers, ordering stock, receipting, clearing invoices and making payments to automated internal stock management.

Purchasing, simplified

Saffron Purchasing makes procurement easier for both caterers and their suppliers. Lists of ingredients are matched against supplier profiles. These can be ordered automatically to manage stock levels and recipe costings. Purchase orders are automatically raised and placed with nominated suppliers – further streamlining the process and maximising your purchasing power.

Better supplier relationships

Saffron provides both integration for larger suppliers with their own systems using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), or web portal access for smaller artisanal producers. Electronic orders are exchanged seamlessly between systems and processed quicker, resulting in prompt payment for suppliers. This reduces costs by up to 60% for your valued supply partners.

More accuracy, more control

Automated purchasing processes remove the risk of duplication and human error. Improved purchasing controls prevent unapproved ordering and save time by removing double entry of information. Four-way matching of documents automatically highlights errors such as accidental over-charging, ensuring you only have to deal with exceptions rather than manually checking every line.

Managing the foodservices in over 300 sites on behalf of clients in education, business & industry and healthcare locations requires us to work with suppliers to meet a range of service level objectives. Saffron enables us to do this efficiently, without paper documents and gives us visibility across the whole estate to ensure these objectives are fulfilled.”

Head of Catering, Autograph

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