Saffron Menu & Wellbeing

Helping you maximise revenue, and your customers make clear, safe food choices

Thousands of Singaporeans suffer from food allergies and intolerances. Alongside offering a wide, healthy choice, caterers have a legal responsibility to provide correct allergen information to customers. Saffron Menu helps you improve menu planning to maximise profitability, while Saffron Wellbeing tracks, manages and communicates accurate allergen and nutritional information.

More about Saffron Wellbeing

Manage Risk

Saffron Wellbeing collates data from multiple sources and suppliers, with any changes to ingredients, recipes or menus automatically updated. Correct allergen information is always available and you can be confident that you are in compliance with the Food Information Regulations.

Communicate consistently

Transparency from field to fork is vital to ensure compliance. Saffron Wellbeing is easily accessed by kitchen teams, suppliers and customers via a web portal. Our customer facing web portal displays a live allergen profile of each dish, with additional dietary information helping customers make safe and informed choices.

Simplify planning and increase profitability

Saffron Menu identifies the costs and profitability of each menu or dish, helping you maximise revenue. With automated menu engineering, you can easily model the impact of updating quantities, replacing ingredients and changing the menu structure. Used in conjunction with Saffron Wellbeing, you get a complete picture of each meal including cost, profitability, nutritional and allergen information.

The Westmorland Family

With nearly one million customers viewing our menus, the portal has become so much more that a solution to ensure we’re compliant with the Food Information Regulations. Our customers are now confident that the choices they make suit their dietary requirements and preferences.

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