Rugby Borough Council chooses Civica to drive licensing efficiencies and boost user experience

30th July 2018

New five-year partnership will see the council implement Civica’s latest Cx Licensing software

Rugby Borough Council has chosen latest Cx Licensing software from Civica, a market leader in business-critical software applications, digital solutions and managed services, to effectively manage licensing applications. Its implementation will help streamline processes, maximise productivity and deliver time and financial savings for the Council.

A cloud-based solution, Cx Licensing forms part of Civica’s Cx Community Protection platform which enables informed decision making to help local authorities reach case outcomes consistently and with confidence.

The five-year contract has been undertaken as part of Rugby Borough Council’s wider digital transformation programme. As a long-standing customer of Civica’s Community Protection services, Rugby Borough Council had been using Civica’s APP software for a number of departments within regulatory services; housing licensing and enforcement, housing assistance, licensing and waste management.

The introduction of Cx Licensing will improve working processes through the automation of routine tasks, easing the burden of high volumes of applications during peak periods and increasing efficiency. Intuitive and mobile enabled, Cx Licensing also allows the council to access applications in real time to minimise administration and improve the employee user experience.

The Council will reach outcomes via the quickest and most appropriate route, making working practices more consistent. This will help to deliver real, meaningful information for managers to make decisions more confidently as data error is reduced.

For the 100,000+ citizens in Rugby, the new software means they will soon be able to apply for licenses online via a secure digital portal. Using the flexible, mobile 24/7 service, citizens can manage their license applications anytime, anywhere. This in turn promotes channel shift, increases flexibility and drives citizen engagement.

Raj Chand, Head of Communities and Homes at Rugby Borough Council, explained: “As a long-standing partner of Civica’s we chose Cx Licensing to help increase operational efficiency in our licensing department. The solution aligns with our ongoing digital strategy to streamline processes and maximise productivity. Its implementation will help our employees be more flexible, consistent and accurate in their decision making. This, as with all of our investments, has been carried out to improve service delivery for our customers.”

Deane Greenouff, Managing Director, Community Protection at Civica, commented: “Designed to support a cloud-based approach, our integrated Cx Community Protection platform allows regulatory services departments to collect, manage and share information with stakeholders efficiently and accurately. We recognised that Rugby Borough Council need a system to support its digital transformation strategy. The new Cx Licensing software will allow the Council to relieve pressure on employees, enhance the user experience and improve working practices with a more seamless and consistent system.”