Muir Group moves to Civica Housing Cx software to transform tenant services

4th January 2017

Muir Group moves to Civica Housing Cx software to transform tenant services

New housing management solution will improve services for 5,500 tenants and enable mobile working for staff.

Muir Group Housing Association has introduced the latest Cx housing management system from Civica, a market leader in critical software applications, digital solutions and outsourcing services. The new system, which went live in November 2016, will help Muir to improve tenant services supported by mobile working and more streamlined processes for officers throughout the Group.

Muir Group Housing Association owns and manages more than 5,500 homes across 33 local authority areas in the UK and provides a diverse range of housing solutions and services to its tenants, including repairs and maintenance. As well as providing the Association with the technology platform and tools to deliver modern and efficient housing services, Cx supports Muir’s wider programme to digitise services and transform tenant communications.

Technology is at the heart of improving services and efficiency for Muir Group, and Civica is supporting us in our wider transformation. With more than 72,000 calls to our customer service team annually, we need to ensure a fast and efficient response and also to pre-empt enquiries. Cx will enable us to streamline internal processes and to move more services online, giving us more time to focus on our tenants including more home visits supported by the system’s mobile capabilities.” Ian Whitwell, Assistant Director of ICT at Muir Group Housing Association

Housing Cx helps housing providers to deliver high levels of service and improved efficiency through integrated housing management capabilities and by enabling mobile working for staff. Its application style interface is designed specifically to allow housing officers to work smarter, by allowing them to access real-time information through mobile devices such as tablets, wherever they are, whenever they need.

Jeff Hewitt, Executive Director, Housing & Asset Management says: “We’re committed to supporting the organisation on the journey to face and meet the demands of the modern citizen. The solution will enable the organisation to move to more flexible and mobile ways of working and allow the staff to focus on better outcomes for tenants.”

Implementing Housing Cx is just one of the steps the organisation is making towards a wider transformation programme and goal to become a paperless environment. Next year Muir Group is planning to implement a self-service solution through Cx to allow its tenants to access services and enable them to communicate directly with Muir on the spot in real-time. By the end of 2017, Muir will have a single integrated solution to completely manage its customers and assets with Housing Cx and Keystone asset management solution. The seamless integration will transform all data exchange across the organisation for better workload and time management.