Integrated authoring for eLearning and microlearning content

Empowering everyone within your organisation to create learning content

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Civica Learning Management System (LMS) provides a single platform for the creation and delivery of content that inspires learners

The integrated eLearning authoring solution, powered by Easygenerator, within Civica Learning provides you and your people – managers, trainers, subject matter experts, all employees – with the ability to unlock hidden expertise and share knowledge through the creation of eLearning and microlearning courses.

Supported by AI, authors can create courses, including assessments, quizzes and surveys, that effectively transfers knowledge and skills to others within an organisation.


How integrated authoring can drive community creation and sharing of knowledge and skills

AI-powered course creation

AI supports authors and helps to speed-up creation, improve quality and increase knowledge retention. Authors can use AI for:

  • Ideas and brainstorm: unlock creative ideas based on learning topic.
  • Summarise: transform long paragraphs into more concise summaries
  • Simplify: improve comprehension with clear language
  • Bullet points: reduce lengthy text and enhance readability with bullet point creation
  • Generate questions: promote deeper learning with question and assessment generation based on course content.
Content that really feels like it’s yours

Create content that reflects your organisation’s branding by incorporating your style, colours and imagery to provide learners with a familiar look and feel.

Create engaging content

Add text, images, graphics and videos to create content that’s engages learners.

Templates that make authoring easier

Choose from a range of templates for onboarding, compliance, performance management and many other topics for quick course creation.

Community collaboration

Work together with other authors to create courses, with full peer review options.

Optimised for multi-device learning

Create great user experiences across desktop, tablet and mobiles to ensure learners get the same high-quality learning experience, regardless of the device used.

Supporting audiences worldwide

Accelerate the translation process with automated content translation and save money by localising your content into over 70 languages – powered by Amazon AWS.

Maintain the quality of your content

Enable administrators to review content before it’s published to ensure only high-quality courses are made available to learners.

You’re in control

Easily manage who within your organisation has permission to create content.

Get to know your learners

Your content will support SCORM and Experience API, and being part of Civica Learning, every user interaction and event will be tracked to give you detailed analytics on your learners.

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