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Harnessing patient feedback to improve healthcare

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Civica Experience, our leading cloud software captures patient feedback in real-time


Civica Experience enables healthcare organisations to understand real-time patient feedback, prioritise risk areas, drive service improvement, and highlight positive comments. Our software provides multi-channel data collection, bespoke analysis, and reporting to help understand patient feedback better.

Civica understands the importance of patient experience in hospitals. Every day Civica analyses thousands of patient experiences for healthcare organisations in the UK and Australia, including the NHS Friends and Family Test, providing a continuous feedback loop between the patient and healthcare professional.

Convert patient feedback into actionable insights

A large healthcare organisation can collect up to 10,000 feedback comments a month. Civica Experience helps healthcare professionals collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data to turn it into valuable insights. Our automated free-text analysis engine capture insights from patient satisfaction surveys, comments, stories, reviews, complaints, emails, and notes.

Why choose Civica Experience

Saves time and money on data collection and analysis

Supports quality improvement with real-time data and patient comments

Converts patient experiences into actionable insights using free-text analysis

Key features:

  • Action manager – assign actions to your colleagues and track progress over time. 
  • Flexible real-time reports – enable detailed analysis at both ward and board levels. Trend analysis and benchmarking are easy and intuitive. 
  • Interactive dashboard – simplifies patient satisfaction survey results by presenting data in real-time. The data can be filtered by demographic, employee group, team, or location. 
  • Push reporting – schedule and deliver customised reports to frontline staff 
  • Multi-channel data collection - collect feedback via methods best suited to your patients and your organization via online surveys, text, phone, tablets, or paper. 
  • iOS and Android app – allows offline data collection so you can keep collecting patient feedback even when there is no internet connection 
  • Unlimited user accounts - enable role-based access that presents users with data most relevant to their roles. 
  • Easy and accessible user interface – designed for patient experience professionals.

Jessica Bush,

Head of Engagement and Patient Experience,

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We have worked closely with the Civica Engagement Solutions team to produce a product that is both appropriate for our very large and complicated organisation and for the Patient Experience sector as a whole. I have known the team to be supportive, responsive and helpful. They are flexible and creative in their approach and keep the customer at the centre of their relationships.

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