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Dr Ian Whitcroft

Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon


I first engaged Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC), to undertake my billing in 2008.

I am pleased to report that over the years that the staff have always ensured that all aspects of billing, for my medical practice, have been professionally managed, as well as in a timely, and efficient, manner.

I have been very pleased with their performance, their level knowledge, and expertise, which has meant my practice’s billings have been realised to full potential, and that my cashflow has been accurately protected.

Over the years the service has improved, not only for the level of expertise that they have displayed for the patient service, but also for the personal service the staff have always been very ready to give me and my patients.

This personal service has also included many discussions with staff and managers, to rapidly resolve any billing issues. This helpful service has been useful, both for resolving patients’ billing problems, and for my personal billing requirements, including help and advice, when dealing with insurance companies.

I have found great value in this long relationship, of personal service, which has become an integral part of my practice.

I have no reservation in my recommending their service to any medical colleagues.


Mr Stephen Brown

Consultant Urological Surgeon - Manchester Urology


Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) provides our group practice, Manchester Urology, with a very efficient billing service which frees us completely from the complexities of managing private practice finances, keeps our bad debts to an absolute minimum, and allows our administrative staff to focus on caring for our patients.


Professor Christopher Nutting

Clinical Oncologist


I am delighted with the service that Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) have provided my practice over the years. They are very knowledgeable, efficient and get on with the very important job of billing and collection for my patients freeing me up to focus on the clinical care. The staff are responsive and take great care with me and my patients. I could not recommend them highly enough!


Mr Oliver Wiseman

Consultant Urologist


Our group has been with Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) for several years now. The transition was seamless, and our bad debt ratio has plummeted. Our dedicated billing expert (Sam) is always very happy to help, with queries from us and patients, and our secretaries have more time to focus on looking after our patients and us. I would highly recommend Civica Medical Billing and Collection to any colleague in private practice.


Professor Tony Narula

Consultant ENT Surgeon


I moved to Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) nearly 2 years ago. I have found their services to be first rate and stress-free. They allow my secretary to spend her time looking after my patients rather than dealing with invoices and chasing payments. This makes her relationship with my patients much smoother. In addition, they don’t charge me any commission if someone pays cash or by credit card on the day. All in all, I wish I had transferred years ago.


Mr Adrian Casey

Neurosurgeon, Wellington Hospital


Throughout secretarial changes, Civica Medical Billing and Collection (MBC) have provided a vital continuity on the billing side, and I'm not sure how I coped without them!


Dr Murtaza Khan

Consultant Paediatrician


A highly efficient professional billing company which is well-manned with speedy courteous responses.... highly recommended.


Dr Sanjay Wijayatilake

Consultant Neuro Anaesthetist


I started using Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) in 2011 following a recommendation from a friend. Previously my collection rate for private fees was very poor, partly due to my disorganisation in sending out bills or checking whether they had been paid. By using Civica’s Medical Billing and Collection services, my collection rate is now 99% and all I need to do is send a picture of my list with the insurance details written on it. They are very helpful!


Dr Denis E. Pellerin

Consultant Cardiologist


Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) are professional and efficient in billing and collecting money on your behalf from insurance companies, patients and private companies. These issues are becoming more and more difficult, and it is better to benefit from experts dealing with them. Civica Medical Billing and Collection decreases constraints on doctors’ private work leaving doctors to focus on delivering the best possible clinical outcomes. They save a lot of time for secretaries who can liaise better with patients. It is also good to separate the practice of medicine from money collection.


Mr Ahmad K. Malik

Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon


Starting out in private practice with large overheads and low margins one can see why it is tempting to do as much as possible yourself to save costs. That is after all what I did. As a result, my billing was a mess and I had a lot of bad debt. Since using Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) I have never looked back. They are polite, professional and chase up every penny. I have no bad debt and not only that I can concentrate on what matters; treating patients without getting involved with the messy business of money, a good separation to have when dealing with patients. I couldn't recommend highly enough.


Dr Wynne Davies

Consultant Anaesthetist


As an anaesthetist, I have been using Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) for the past year. The amount of time spent on dealing with insurance companies, billing, and chasing bad debts has been improved beyond doubt. I am now free to leave the professionals to competently look after my finances whilst I concentrate on providing clinical services.


Dr Bryan Youl

Consultant Neurophysiologist


Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) highly professional team provide me with an impressively efficient service. What's more, their manner of dealing with my patients is exemplary and the level of bad debts is negligible.


Mr Simon Owen-Johnstone

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) phenomenal invoice recovery percentage pays for itself when compared to the cost of bad debts. It also scales very nicely, from polite and gentle reminders up to debt collection for determined non-payers. Better still, Civica Medical Billing and Collection frees my secretary to get on with running the clinical side of my practice.


Mr Stephen Hamilton

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


I have been very impressed with Civica’s Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) service over the past 2 years. My only suggestion would have been for online access to my billing and now they've done that too!


Dr Fiona Norwood

Consultant Neurologist


Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) provide a very efficient, friendly and helpful service which allows me to concentrate on the medical aspects of private patient care. Their staff are always helpful and responsive. The company was recommended to me a few years ago and I am so pleased that I made the switch.


Dr Hadi Manji


I have been with Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) for 10 years now and have never regretted the decision! As a result I have recommended numerous colleagues who have been similarly satisfied with the service provided. I have my own account manager who is always available.

Mr Luke Cascarini

Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


I am really delighted with the care Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) take of me and in particular the service Simon Brignall has given me since I joined. The billing is efficient and effective and the dashboard means I can keep on top of what is going on. More importantly whenever I have a question or need some advice Simon responds quickly and knowledgeably. I recommend them to my friends and colleagues who are looking to improve their practice.


Mr Abbas Rashid

Consultant Elbow & Shoulder Surgeon


I have found Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) to be professional, efficient and effective in their work. Their staff are diligent and easily accessible with almost instant email responses. Their dashboard is very user friendly, helps monitor financial metrics and makes it easy to generate data for tax returns. Since working with them we have cleared all outstanding/bad debt and have had to write off next to no invoices. They have been pivotal in ensuring the financial streamlining of my practice!


Dr Andrew Gaya

Consultant Clinical Oncologist


Very efficient and responsive service. They are a pleasure to deal with. My bad debt levels have fallen significantly since Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) picked up the reins. It's extremely reassuring knowing this aspect of the practice is being taken care of, leaving me more time to focus on patient care.


Dr Dinos Missouris

Consultant Cardiologist


Civica Medical Billing and Collection (MBC) has been able to advise me on all aspects of the financial side of my practice to ensure I am now billing efficiently. It has also added a range of new capabilities such as being able to take payments by debit or credit card without maintaining my own system to achieve this. What I would pass on to other consultants from my experience is to not to let your practice outgrow your current arrangements or a growing practice hide the fact that your practice is not as financially healthy as it could be.


Mr Sean Molloy

Consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon


Transferring my billing and collection to Civica Medical Billing and Collection (MBC) has been a huge success. I joined in 2012 and since then they have collected over 99.99% of what has been invoiced. When I joined, I had a backlog of unpaid invoices of over £100,000 which since then has been collected in full. Civica Medical Billing and Collection (MBC) has saved me tens of thousands of pounds which outweighs any fees I have been charged.


Mr Simon Moyes

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


I have been with this excellent company since 1995 when they sorted out my billing for me completely, which was a complete mess. Since that time, they have continued to demonstrate what an excellent company they are by providing an excellent service not just for billing but also about invoicing in general, helping with relationships with insurers, Embassies and the like and carrying out various negotiations for me on my behalf. I cannot recommend them too much.


Mr Arj Shankar

Consultant Pancreaticobility, Sarcoma and General Surgeon


Since I moved to Civica Medical Billing and Collection (MBC) my practice has been transformed and my income improved. Particularly with changes in the private market this kind of service is now essential.


Dr Usha Sharma

Private GP


I am very happy to have partnered with Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) for the billing of my private GP practice. They have they been very successful in collecting and reconciling the majority of my outstanding debt, which was one of the key reasons I decided to work with them. I had concerns initially of the transition to outsourcing due to the unique and ongoing nature of the relationship a private GP has with their patients. I am happy to report that their staff have provided the same professional service level that my patients expect from my practice that has meant no issues have arisen and patient feedback has been positive.


Dr John Goldstone

Consultant Anaesthetist


Being a Consultant, efficiency with accounts and billing is not one of my strengths. I employed Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) many years ago so that they could perform these tasks for me. I benefit by no longer discovering accounts which have become unrecoverable because they had been lost in my briefcase! Nowadays, there is a great advantage in being represented by a group who are experienced in negotiating fees. These negotiations are complex and it's good to have someone else in your corner ensuring that your fees are optimised at all times. This allows me freedom to focus on the medical side of my practice.


Dr Jonathan Clague

Consultant Cardiologist


The staff at Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) are extremely efficient and helpful. I was nervous at the prospect of moving this responsibility from my PA to a separate billing company. Now I wish I had done it years ago!


Mr Marc Laniado

Consultant Urological Surgeon


My colleagues were sceptical that Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) could be better than our efficient secretaries, but they and I were surprised at how much easier our lives were made by outsourcing the billing - our secretaries had more time and the billing was far more efficient and effective than anyone had expected. We've had no complaints by our patients either so it has worked out very well for all.


Professor Hiten Patel

Consultant Urological Surgeon


In a time when doctors are more mobile and independent it is important that each aspect of their practice is micro-managed. With Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) I have a reliable service for fee negotiation and collection which is satisfying for all.


Mr R C Pollock

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) has given me a fantastic service since I first joined them two years ago. They recovered £60,000 of bad debt when I joined with very little fuss. The results speak for themselves. I now have no bad debt and have absolute faith in them running the financial side of my practice. Their fees which are tax deductible are excellent value for money and I would recommend anyone that is considering outsourcing their billing to get in touch with them.


Dr Stephanie Kaye Barrett

Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist


Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) have really proved their worth for the following reasons: My patients are happy with them; they are efficient, friendly and business-like; the separation of billing from the secretarial duties, takes a great deal of stress from the relationship of the secretary and doctor with the patients. They have a vast knowledge of the working of the insurance companies which provides them with the ability to optimise the charges to the insurers in a fair and proper manner. They also look at your practice and ensure that you are charging correctly through the codes. They have a quietly efficient way of collecting the shortfalls from the patient whilst explaining if it is the insurer (an increasing problem), who has dropped the reimbursable fees, not the doctor who has increased them. Income is thus optimised, without fear of offence to the patient, as they are separate from the practice of medicine

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