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Proactive fraud management

Our fraud management solutions help you fight fraud through collaboration and intelligence-sharing across departments, and with organisations in both the private and public sectors. This approach to fraud management will help you reduce losses and maximise revenue streams, quickly delivering a substantial return on investment.

We combine our experience of local operations with modern database and data-matching technology to help with all aspects of fraud investigation.

Effective information management, including easy access to case data for mobile users, helps streamline complex fraud management tasks for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Why choose Fraud Solutions

Simplifies collaboration and data sharing for a joined-up approach to fraud.

Improves efficiency enabling quick access to case data wherever you are

Minimises loss and maximises revenue with the ability to investigate and detect fraud in any arena

All the fraud management applications you need

We offer applications based on data warehousing, intelligence hubs and case management, including a CRA Risk Assessment module that complements a detection and management tool for use in any investigation unit.

Data warehousing and intelligence hubs

  • Can be built for internal, cross-boundary and external partnership data sharing, matching and loss prevention
  • Provide a front-end proactive prevention and verification service that is fast, reliable, comprehensive and delivered in real time
  • Highlight areas where tighter audit processes and/or investigations are required
  • Enable auditors and investigators to analyse results for informed decision making

In partnership with Civica, Birmingham City Council was one of the first organisations to create an internal and external intelligence data warehousing hub. Its hub is now shared among 11 internal departments and 20 external Registered Social Landlords, and with the West Midlands Police — a total of 300 users. Intelligence data hubs are being implemented rapidly: other Civica customers include Reading Borough Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Corporate investigation case management

  • Caters for all types of investigation, enforcement cases and audit quality process or probity check projects
  • Facilitates multi-investigations and process check types from a single system, cross-referencing and matching data against back-office systems
  • Uses electronic work in-trays to efficiently manage cases
  • Credit Reference Agency verifications
  • Can be used in conjunction with single cases or entire databases
  • Database file imports are provided directly to the CRA, then appropriately risk-analysed

The resulting risk-profiled results are automatically fed back into the data warehouse, where cases can then be automatically set up, depending on specific risk criteria being met.

Mobile working options

Integrating seamlessly with Civica's fraud management solutions, the optional mobile working solution enables users to access and update case work on the move, including document creation with electronic signature. 

Information is recorded and core systems are automatically updated upon network connection, helping you drive efficiency and reduce administration time 

  • Enables users to access and update case work on the move, including document creation with electronic signatures
  • Enables information to be recorded to drive efficiency and reduce administration time
  • Automatically updates the core system upon network reconnection

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