Complaint Case Capture

From whichever channel your cases originate, you need to centralise and put them all in one place, while ensuring accessibility for users no matter the device they are using whether on a phone, computer, or tablet.

Configurable Data Capture

At the heart of Civica Complaints Management is the ability to configure the solution according to your organisation’s business requirements. This not only includes workflow configuration, but also how case data is captured. Civica Complaints Management’s Form Designer offers a powerful approach to the data capture process, enabling your enterprise to define exactly how new cases are created.

User input can be used to drive the case creation process; responses can create additional interactive elements, such as clarification questions, a request to upload documents or instructions for further action. User input can also launch processes, such as case escalation or resolution.

Multi-Channel Approach

There are numerous ways to facilitate the case creation process, using Civica Complaints Management’s robust data handling capabilities. Data can be captured from multiple sources, where incoming data is centralised, automatically associated with a relevant case and made accessible to your case handlers for collaboration:

  • Via Web Interface - Case handlers can create cases directly in Civica Complaints Management via a simple form-based interface that guides caseworkers step-by-step through the case creation process.
  • Via Email – A new case can be created whenever a customer sends an e-mail to a specific email address, with message content and attachments automatically associated with the new case, and the caseworker receives a notification.
  • Via API - Comprehensive REST APIs empower your organisation to explore multiple integration options, supporting case creation across a wide variety of solutions. This could include: Mobile Apps, Websites, CRM, Telephone & SMS, social media etc.
    In addition to creating new cases, our REST API integrations support the sharing and retrieval of data between systems.
  • Via Self-Service Portals – Optimise resources by empowering your customers & stakeholders to play an active role in the case management process. Submitting and viewing information via a self-service portal, with your company’s branding, that features secure case management functionality.

If you would like to find out more about Civica Complaints Management for your organisation, contact us.