Civica partners with EMIS

5th April 2022

Civica partners with leading healthcare clinical software provider EMIS to support caseload management in the community

Civica’s clinical e-scheduling software (formerly Malinko) is already helping joint NHS customers such as Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bromley Healthcare CIC and Central Cheshire Integrated Care Partnership by improving how they manage their distributed clinical workforce (capacity) and optimise how they schedule patient care (demand).

Enhanced interoperability between Civica Scheduling and EMIS will benefit community services by enabling a seamless flow of patient data between the two systems, matching clinical skill with patient need for safe, efficient delivery of clinical care in the community. The user experience is improved, and patients benefit through better connected and more efficient community services.

Shining a spotlight on community services

Becoming data-driven brings visibility to community services that have been under the radar before now, helping health and social care services become more agile and reducing clinical risk.

Civica Scheduling is helping improve productivity, continuity of care and staff safety across multi-disciplinary teams with intelligent caseload management that ensures each patient is seen by the right clinician at the right time.

System leaders now have detailed understanding of capacity and demand, giving them the evidence, they need for recruitment, training, or service redesign.

No more hidden heroes

A rich, reliable data set allows community leaders to take a seat at the table of the wider health and social care network and look at how more services can be safely moved into the community, reducing the strain across the wider health and social care network.

Rob McGovern,


We’re delighted to work in elite partnership with EMIS, which I believe demonstrates that there is a growing acceptance that clinical scheduling software needs to integrate with, but be separate to, electronic patient record systems.
Civica Scheduling is already enabling 20 NHS organisations and two local county councils improve how they manage their distributed clinical workforce (capacity) and better coordinate and schedule their citizens care (demand) across England and Wales.
Civica Scheduling is helping organisations improve productivity, service delivery, staff safety and patient outcomes whilst reducing clinical risk in their community services.
The reliable data collected and held in Civica Scheduling not only allows our health and social care partners to better articulate their value, but also enables them to deliver better, safer care to their patients and citizens.
In my view, community services deserve a higher profile and is a service that should be prioritised for more investment.

Paula Turnock,

Partnerships Director at EMIS

This partnership cements EMIS’s commitment to help our community healthcare customers to optimise caseload management and evidence capacity and demand. 
There is a need to deliver more care in the community, and this partnership is helping to put community services at the front and centre of the NHS’s ongoing digital transformation, capitalising on the benefits of both systems to provide a single efficient, interoperable system that solves many of the problems faced by community teams today.