Delivering a single citizen view for the State of Alaska

Improved decision making and service delivery across the state

Covering the largest area in the US and access to data on 90% of the population, the State of Alaska's Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) wanted to draw value from their data to guide their decision-making process and improve services. The DHSS selected Civica’s next-generation Master Data Management (MDM) solution to provide the necessary visibility and insight to achieve a true "single citizen view."


  • Implemented a Master Client Index (MCI) to provide a unique citizen ID across systems
  • Integrated MCI to 10 additional major data sources to improve data quality and accuracy
  • Created a single view of the State’s individual customers
  • Identification of those who incur the greatest cost and have the greatest need for services
  • Improved service delivery for better coordinated care.


We now have an up-to-date and accurate picture of every person served by the department, which means we have a holistic view of the cost of service provision and can ensure that every person receives the best, most joined-up service possible.
Beth Davidson, State Health Information Technology Coordinator, Department of Health and Social Services

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