TranSend Fleet Management

The platform of choice for fire and rescue services

One platform to manage fleet and assets for fire & rescue services

TranSend, our new cloud fleet management software brings all maintenance and tracking of fleet and fire-fighting assets into one single platform to deliver better services for local communities.

Fire and rescue services will have instant access to a single view of all assets and fire appliances data, helping to ensure emergency vehicles and equipment are in the right place at the right time to improve safety.




The fire and rescue service is unique in having so many smaller, risk-critical assets which require varying degrees of tracking and maintenance, especially after large-scale incidents.

Working with Civica as a trusted partner, this platform will meet all of our fleet and asset needs. TranSend will mean we have the right appliances and equipment in the right place at the right time, ensuring a better, safer service for the communities we serve right across mid and west Wales.

Why choose TranSend?

One platform to manage fleet and assets

Automation reduces the risk of data errors and saves time

Instant access to asset data on laptops and mobile devices

We manage fleet assets for over half of the UK fire & rescue services. Talk to us to find out what TranSend can do for your organisation

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Mid & West Wales Fire picks Civica TranSend Fleet Management

Safety first: Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service picks Civica TranSend Fleet Management platform to increase compliance and deliver more efficient services

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