Flexible workplace

We understand it’s natural and healthy to have a life outside of work. We give you space and time to enjoy it. Or get other things done.

So, if you’re an early bird who’d rather start first thing, that’s fine. But if evenings are when your creative juices flow, that’s great too. We’re more interested in you, your skills and capabilities – not when or where you’re working.

Tristan Kalmbach, Software Engineer

"Nobody takes care of its employees and has their best interests in mind quite like Civica does.

It was difficult searching for a job which would accommodate my schedule. Every other week, I have to take my kid to school 40 minutes away from the office while her mother works. Civica had no issue allowing me to work from home on those days, and that was before the pandemic. This made sure that my partner and I could work full time while our daughter could still get to school on time.

During the pandemic, we felt safe right away. My fiancée has asthma and is pregnant so is at high risk, but our worries are totally alleviated – thanks to how flexible Civica is. We won’t ever miss appointments or even school functions. Just add that to the list of reasons why I’m proud to work for Civica and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Nobody takes care of its employees and has their best interests in mind quite like Civica does."

Our flexible working policies include flexitime, compressed hours, job-shares and the choice to work from home or in one of our regional hubs if you’d like to. The choice is yours…

Hinal Mehta, unior Business Analyst

Hinal Mehta,

Junior Business Analyst

Civica culture prioritizes work-life balance through remote work opportunities and flexible scheduling. I can tailor the role to fit my life outside of the office.