Community Housing is live with Cx Contractor Workforce

Community Housing (CH) wanted an integrated solution to support more streamlined processes and have a single version of the truth for reporting purposes. Using Civica’s Cx Housing and Contractor Workforce, as a single platform, is helping us to manage the lifecycle of responsive, planned and voids work.

With an average of 18,000 repairs logged each year, the contact centre team and planners are now able to review and set a repairs appointment at the first point of contact. Customers receive their appointment details via SMS, within seconds.

Currently, 35 operatives use the Cx mobile app which allows them to receive, update and complete tasks on and offline. They find it’s easy to use when recording completed works while in the community as well as managing van stock materials via eTrading with Travis Perkins. This allows them to automatically replenish stock when low. Over time, this will increase productivity and maximise operatives time as data automatically updates Cx.

The collaboration between our go-live project teams has been an absolute pleasure. Both teams have shared a genuine team spirit and a true sense of partnership.

Andy Willetts, Head of Digital & Project Management