Civica librarians: Making a Difference

22nd February 2022

Learn how our librarians are making a difference in the school community

Civica has been supporting libraries and their communities for over 30 years by providing a holistic approach to library management services. As part of our managed library service, we provide professional training and opportunities to librarians and library staff to support them with the skills they need to help make a difference in the library community.

We work with industry experts and professionals to ensure infrastructure and frameworks are established to ensure efficient library operations.

Find out how Civica librarians are making a difference in their community.

John Chee

Library Assistant, Kheng Cheng School

Library Assistant, John Chee - Kheng Cheng School

John Chee was deployed at the Kheng Cheng School last year and was instrumental in re-opening the library to students. He worked relentlessly with his Library Coordinator and various school personnel to make library accessible to students. John was also actively involved in managing the day-to-day operations of the library such as planning book rotations and maintaining library collections.

During the pandemic, John worked closely with the school staff to help students get access to the library. This was made available through school’s OPAC, where students could reserve or order books through the portal directly. To make the process easier, John conducted a virtual session to showcase the functionality and feature of OPAC that is used by the school students. Further, to help generate interest amongst students, he also recommended virtual thematic displays to be featured on the school’s OPAC.

John said: "I really enjoy my work as school librarian as it adds meaningful purpose to my career. I’d like to expand the horizons of my knowledge so I’m able to do more for the community. My constant goal is to nurture young minds and support the school in creating an optimal learning environment for students"

Siti Radzian Binte Boyani

Library Assistant, Anglo Chinese School

Siti joined the Anglo Chinese School in September 2020, when the school was at the peak of renovating the library. Siti played a key role during the entire process of revamping the library space. She worked closely with the Library Coordinator and the contractor to provide her inputs on planning for the new library space. It was an exciting project for her where she offered her suggestions on various aspects such as picking the best layouts, shelf rows and bay designs. Siti shared her ideas and thoughts with the team and contributed meaningfully to help transform the library and to make it a conducive place for the students to read. To help re-open the library amidst the pandemic, Siti was involved into the planning process to ensure all precautionary measures were taken to provide a safe learning environment to the students. Additionally, she also spearheaded several projects that included planning of orientation programmes and suggestions on making the library a better place for students and community.

Sity says: “It was an exciting and adventurous journey so far. I have enjoyed working throughout the process of restructuring and setting up the new library at the school”.

Norlela Binti Busu

Library Assistant, Townsville Primary School

As part of Townsville Primary School’s Library Programmes, Norlela has been actively working with the team to promote reading through bespoke programmes such as Library Book Cover Contest and Interactive Giant Scrabble Challenge, and Harry Potter themed programmes. Norlela has worked hard to bring vibrance to the school library through these exciting activities. In order, to better assist the students in utilising the library resources, she engages with the students regularly to share with them on the latest technologies and ways to enhance their research skills

Norlela also collaborated with the school’s different stakeholders to launch several themed events such as Cyber Wellness, Healthy Lifestyle & Eyecare week. Students were engaged through interactive games; while thematic displays were put up to promote reading. One of the most innovative programmes that Norlela initiated was working together with the Chinese Language department at the school to inspire students to take an interest for Chinese culture and reading. The activity showcased myriad nuances of Chinese culture. The programme was well received by teachers and students.

Norlela says: “The most rewarding part of my job is not just to help students find information but also ensuring that they discover more than what they’re looking for. The discovery goes both ways. I really enjoy that aspect of the job where I also learn and gain knowledge.”