2023 Civica Library Index: Prince Harry’s “Spare” is the most loaned book of the year in Australia

1st March 2024

Prince Harry’s Spare takes the crown in nationwide library survey

  • The Royal autobiography was Australia’s most borrowed book in 2023

  • Australian authors secure half of the Top 20 spots in Civica Spydus’ Annual Library Index

  • Comprehensive annual library survey, now in its eight year, analysed more than 25 million pieces of borrowing data across Australia

More than half the library books we borrowed in 2023 were penned by Australian authors, continuing an upward trend seen over the past three years. However, it was Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, which clinched the top spot as Australia’s most borrowed library book of the year.

Now in its eighth year, the Civica Libraries Index, looked at over 25 million pieces of borrowing data across regional and metropolitan libraries’s using Civica Spydus in Australia between January and December 2023.

Spare, Australia’s most borrowed book, delves into Prince Harry’s life and experiences. Following closely is Jane Harper’s Exiles, a bestselling novel exploring the profound impact of a mother's absence amidst the enchanting backdrop of South Australian wine country.

Biographies featuring prominently on readers' lists include Ash Barty’s My Dream Time, a celebration of community and the journey that led her to tennis history.


Popular Children's Reads: Anh Do and Jeff Kinney Dominate Fiction Borrowing

Children's literature witnessed a surge in popularity, with Anh Do and Jeff Kinney leading the way in borrowed fiction. Anh Do, renowned Australian comedian, captures young hearts with the chapter book series WeirDo and Ninja Kid. Jeff Kinney, the American author, and cartoonist best known for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, adds a global flair to the children's literary landscape.
anh do




It is brilliant to see that Australian authors have once again proved so popular with borrowers. This is a testament to the quality of our writers and creators and to the Australian publishing industry’s commitment to fostering local talent.

As a company, we’re also proud of the role we’re playing in helping to drive community engagement. Spydus, a global solution pioneered here in Australia, is helping more than 1,500 libraries across Australia and around the world adapt and thrive so they can continue to support and nurture the communities they serve.

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About The Civica Library Index

The Civica Libraries Index is compiled in partnership with participating libraries using the market leading Civica Spydus integrated library management system. Loan data is collected, compiled, and analysed for the calendar year for a range of audiences and categories. Civica reviewed more than 30 million library book loans across Australia to help determine the country’s most popular books. Data was gathered over a 12-month period from between January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. All information on borrowing behaviours is collected anonymously. Civica is Australia’s leading provider of library information, collection, and management solutions.

Top 20

NB: The top 20 most borrowed books is a compilation of all the categories below (adult fiction, non-fiction, children fiction, biography, picture books and Australian).

As such, book rankings in each of the individual categories may differ from the overall rankings once the totals for each list are added.

  1. Spare - Prince Harry
  2. Exiles - Harper, Jane
  3. It starts with us - Hoover, Colleen
  4. No plan B - Child, Lee
  5. The bookbinder of Jericho - Williams, Pip
  6. Homecoming - Morton, Kate
  7. Desert star - Connelly, Michael
  8. The tilt - Hammer, Chris
  9. The soulmate - Hepworth, Sally
  10. Tasty weird! - Do, Anh
  11. Vote WeirDo - Do, Anh
  12. Soccer time! - Do, Anh
  13. The bad guys. Episode 16, The others?! - Blabey, Aaron
  14. Simply lies - Baldacci, David
  15. My dream time - Barty, Ash
  16. Did I ever tell you this?: a memoir - Neill, Sam
  17. The bullet that missed - Osman, Richard
  18. Weirdomania! - Do, Anh
  19. Just one thing: how simple changes can transform your life - Mosley, Michael
  20. Big shot - Kinney, Jeff


  1. Exiles - Harper, Jane
  2. Homecoming - Morton, Kate
  3. The tilt - Hammer, Chris
  4. The soulmate - Hepworth, Sally
  5. The bookbinder of Jericho - Williams, Pip
  6. The orphans - McIntosh, Fiona
  7. The long weekend - Nunn, Judy
  8. The wrong sister - Palmer, Fiona
  9. Tasty weird! - Do, Anh
  10. Broad River station - McDonald, Fleur
  1. Spare - Prince Harry
  2. My dream time - Barty, Ash
  3. Did I ever tell you this? a memoir - Neill, Sam
  4. I'm glad my mom died - McCurdy, Jennette
  5. Nothing bad ever happens here - Rose, Heather
  6. The happiest man on Earth - Jaku, Eddie
  7. Wifedom : Mrs. Orwell's invisible life - Funder, Anna
  8. Friends, lovers and the big terrible thing: a memoir - Perry, Matthew
  9. The light we carry: overcoming in uncertain times - Obama, Michelle
  10. Madly, deeply: the Alan Rickman diaries - Rickman, Alan
Fiction - Adults
  1. Exiles - Harper, Jane
  2. No plan B - Child, Lee
  3. Desert star - Connelly, Michael
  4. Simply lies - Baldacci, David
  5. The bookbinder of Jericho - Williams, Pip
  6. The bullet that missed - Oseman Alice
  7. It starts with us - Hoover, Colleen
  8. The rising tide - Cleeves, Ann
  9. The tilt - Hammer, Chris
  10. The soulmate - Hepworth, Sally
Fiction – Children
  1. Tasty weird! - Do, Anh
  2. Vote WeirDo - Do, Anh
  3. Weirdomania! - Do, Anh
  4. The bad guys. Episode 16, The others?! - Blabey, Aaron
  5. Soccer time! - Do, Anh
  6. Weird history! - Do, Anh
  7. Tool time! - Do, Anh
  8. The getaway - Kinney, Jeff
  9. Art time! - Do, Anh
  10. Rowley Jefferson's awesome friendly adventure - Kinney, Jeff
Fiction – Young Adult
  1. It starts with us - Hoover, Colleen
  2. The deep end - Kinney, Jeff
  3. One piece - Oda, Eiichiro
  4. Never never - Hoover, Colleen
  5. Wrecking ball - Kinney, Jeff
  6. Big shot - Kinney, Jeff
  7. Diary of a wimpy kid: Greg Heffley’s journal - Kinney, Jeff
  8. Diper O¨verlo¨de - Kinney, Jeff
  9. The summer I turned pretty - Han, Jenny
  10. Hard luck - Kinney, Jeff
Non-Fiction: Total
  1. Spare - Prince Harry
  2. Atomic habits: tiny changes, remarkable results: an easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones - Clear, James
  3. Just one thing: how simple changes can transform your life - Mosley, Michael
  4. Did I ever tell you this?: a memoir - Neill, Sam
  5. My dream time - Barty, Ash
  6. RecipeTin Eats dinner: 150+ recipes from Australia's favourite cook - Maehashi, Nagi
  7. Long shadows - Baldacci, David
  8. Barefoot kids: your epic money adventure! - Pape, Scott
  9. Nothing bad ever happens here - Rose, Heather
  10. The barefoot investor: the only money guide you'll ever need - Pape, Scott
Picture Books
  1. Grannysaurus - Walliams, David
  2. The speedy sloth - Young, Rebecca
  3. Family tree - Pyke, Josh
  4. Pig the blob - Blabey, Aaron
  5. Bluey: Baby race - Bluey
  6. Bluey. Perfect - Bluey
  7. Give me some space - Bunting, Philip
  8. Hello, Emma Memma - Watkins, Emma
  9. Daddy Putdown - Bluey
  10. Do not open this book for eternity - Lee, Andy

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