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Enhancing access to public services with chatbots

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When you think of Alexa, Siri, Cortana or even the new kid on the block, Florence, you can be forgiven to think that bots have become a seamless extension into our everyday lives. The truth is, they have.

Chatbot technology, first launched 50 years ago in a Massachusetts Institute of Technology lab, is not new. Adoption has sky rocketed with 100 million smart home devices connected to Alexa and growing. But is it a technology that can really enhance public services?

In volume 2 of Perspectives*, we delve into the world of bots, and explore:


  • The main types of bot available
  • The three biggest impact areas where the technology is helping
  • The current drivers and positive impact stories across health and care, local government, education, housing and central government
  • Why now is the time to act
  • A three-step guide to help you drive the maximum value

The global chatbot market will reach

by 2026

There was a

increase for chatbots during the COVID-19 pandemic

More than

of leaders confirmed the tech has the potential to benefit public services

Emma Jackson,

Digital Programme Manager,

Monmouthshire Council

We have found that people have used our chatbot because they want to maintain anonymity. It enables citizens to access information about sensitive areas like homelessness or food banks without needing to present face-to-face.