Spydus Integrated Library Mangement System

A complete hosted integrated library management including archive and digital asset management, patron discovery, analytics, mobile working, and event management.

Spydus Integrated Library Management System

A complete hosted integrated library management system including archive and digital asset management, patron discovery, analytics, mobile working, and event management.

Our focus is on providing innovative patron-centric features to enable you to deliver a high level of service to your library community. Key features include our discovery OPAC with reader recommendations, mobile apps, and e-content integration for a single point of discovery.

For library staff, our focus is to improve backend features to improve operational efficiencies though our web-based applications. 

Our software is fully customisable to meet the needs of libraries of all types and sizes, and our customers include large consortia, public and government libraries, and schools and higher education institutions.

Spydus10 is the result of us listening to you about what is important. 

Our library software and services change communities

Spydus10 is an industry-leading integrated library management system, used extensively in local government and education institutions worldwide. A trusted partner for many years, Civica works closely with customers to deliver successful outcomes.

Key modules of Spydus Library Management System

In addition to providing the standard features expected of an ILMS, including patron, bibliographic, purchasing and requests management, Spydus offers the following unique features:

Patron discovery

Throughout the OPAC, Spydus recommends items to users based on their unique profile.  Bibliographic, local history, electronic content can be searched simultaneously to enable the widest exposire into your library‚Äôs collection.

Local history and cultural collections

Manage local history, archival, and cultural collections through our specially developed module designed for cultural artefacts.

Digital Asset management

Load photographs, PDFs, audio and video files for your library community to view.

Business analytics

An interactive BI tool utilising dashboards and charts to take the guess work out of library decision making.

Event Management

An event management system designed specifically for libraries. Enables library users to manage their own events.

e-content integration

A single search for all your library content. Spydus has API integration for a wide range of electronic content providers.

Mobile ready

Spyus10 offers both responsive interfaces and mobile apps. For library staff, interfaces are accessible through web browsers, including tablets, extending library services beyond library walls. For library patrons, our fully customizable OPAC is responsive to smartphone size. An app is also available for Android and iOS users.

Established consortia model

Our customers include statewide and national wide systems of public and education institutions.  Our approach to consortia is that libraries should have the option to maintain their unique identities yet be part of a wider shared service.

Designed and developed in Australia

With a 30 year pedigree, Spydus is proudly designed and developed in Australia. Our experienced team of software developers, technical and helpdesk staff, and trainers understand the needs of libraries and provide the expertise and delivery know how to help you deliver best-practice library services to your community.


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