10th January 2019

Meet and follow Civica’s amazing Marathoners as they train towards London Marathon 2019!

Over the following weeks and months... building up to this years London Marathon, we will be following Civica's 2019 Marathoners along the way to long distance glory!

The team will be raising money for NSPCC and have set themselves a target of 10K.  Sponsor the team

Samuel Wilding

I have just completed my first full week of training. I ran a combined 20 miles, which considering the unhealthy lifestyle that was enjoyed over the festive break, I’m pretty happy with.  I also decided to join a London based running club to keep me motivated for all of the training I will be doing in preparation for the marathon, taking tips from experienced runners to guide me through the next couple of months.  As tough as the first week of training has been, I’ve enjoyed the challenge and I’m looking forward to staying focussed for the rest of the journey!”


Christine Grange

"My first 9 mile run was completed on Sunday and since the start of the year I have run 44 miles and cycled 22 miles. Who knew I would get satisfaction of finishing a training run on a whole number? Even though it meant running up and down outside my house a few times, desperate to get to 9 miles instead of 8.84.  So the good news is it is a start in the right direction.  Hopefully the training will progress with the added bonus of some weight loss along the way"


Troy Rouse

 “After an enthusiastic and what has turned out to be, overly ambitious start to my training, I’ve already managed to pick up an ankle injury which has prevented me doing any running for the last 10 days and counting. I’m strangely chomping at the bit to get back out there and this is most definitely not an early excuse to bail! Hopefully my next update will be accompanied with a tired looking, red faced post run selfie…"


Michael Burbidge

“I am two weeks into my training programme and so far I’ve covered over 33 miles with my biggest run at 10.5 miles on Sunday. It’s strangely worked out that I have about 16 weeks to go to take on the remaining 16 miles. As Wayne told me earlier, “that’s only an extra mile a week, easy....”
The training has been really good and I’ve enjoyed taking on the challenge. Unfortunately my 10 month old little boy hasn’t been as supportive as he could though. As if the miles haven’t been enough, he’s determined to make the challenge extra hard by adding in a good amount of sleep deprivation, by waking me up every hour for the last week!!”  There is a long way to go, but I’ve got off to good start to take on the challenge.


Matt Kenny

“This will be my fourth Marathon and the third time I have tackled London...which means training mainly in the worst winter months. Nobody likes a run at 6am in the dark and cold...so it’s not great being back to that, but the new year training is a positive way to shake off the Christmas excess!  Saturday is long run day for me.  Up to 10 miles last Saturday which felt good. Steady progress planned for me in Jan before a ramp up in February...while trying not to get injured like Troy!”