The Japanese Association, Singapore

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16th March 2022

Adopting digital capabilities to facilitate hybrid library offering

The Japanese Association, Singapore (JAS) has a fully functioning main library, as well as a dedicated kids library, providing library services to its members-only professional club. A key requirement of their Library Management System (LMS) is to support both English and Japanese language catering to their native Japanese members.

The challenges faced by JAS were the constraints of a traditional library system that required a lot of manual processing of loan requests, book returns and report generation. Moreover, it no longer provides software updates and support services. As a result, JAS was seeking to replace its legacy LMS with a more innovative digital solution to help future proof their library’s operations and to better manage resources.

The Japanese Association, Singapore approached Civica not only to help improve their operations by navigating from conventional offerings to digital hybrid facilities, also to digitize their services and manage their resources to meet the community needs.

How Spydus helped transform JAS’ capabilities

  • Spydus Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) has significantly allowed members to browse collections and check availability online anytime, anywhere. This replaced the manual paper-based processes for loan requests. 
  • Spydus’ sophisticated report module has helped JAS generate deeper insights through advanced filter metrics and the ability to extract data into different file formats has enabled better understanding and use of the information available.
  • RFID self-service return book drop, and loan kiosk was introduced as a Spydus integration to significantly reduce the workload of library staff and give members the flexibility to manage their own loans and transactions. 

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Key Outcomes:

Enhanced patron experience

Streamlined library operational processes

Comprehensive data analytics to help with better decision-making